Monday, May 30, 2011

I Want a Do-Over!

I'm so fortunate to have blogger buddies (Jenny Matlock, Off On My Tangent; Unknown Mami; Half-Past Kissin' Time; and Mama Kat's Losin It) that sponsor weekly memes, so that I don't have to come up with a subject for a post. Even when someone has taken the time to suggest a topic, there are days when my tiny little brain just can't get around it. The past two weeks have been like that for me.

Could the cause be that it's the end of school...not only for two of my children, but for me, as well? There is something in the air that is not quite right. I'm like a sponge sometimes in that I absorb whatever feelings (good or bad) and whatever chaos (small or large) seem to be the flavor of the day. This sometimes helps me understand why others might be out of sorts. I don't always like it; in fact, sometimes I get downright mad about it. Then, I turn around and spit the bad feelings and chaos out to the nearest person. Have you ever had this happen, or am I, like, totally whacked?

It's days like this that I say or do something unusually inappropriate. Once it's out, I can't take it back, even whey I cry, "I want a do-over!" I had one of those days last week. After much soul-searching and recalling other inappropriate things I've done in my life, I've come to the conclusion that I could very well be whacked! I pray that it is just a phase (however long it has been) and that I'm going to grow out of it any day....

Then, I look at this angel, and I am convinced that even wackos can do good things.

In honor of our fallen military men and women, and their families, I offer my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your service to our country on this Memorial Day, and the days that follow.

(Skater photo by

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Centus - Reflections

Here we are at week 55 of Saturday Centus, by Jenny Matlock, of Off On My Tangent fame. This week we need to write a 100 words or less using the prompt, "The reflection in the mirror". I hope you enjoy my contribution! Here we go! The prompt is in bold.

Well, six o’clock has passed. We are all still here…at least I think we are… I mean, just in case, I finished off a bag of Tootsie Rolls. Just in case, I emptied my bank account and headed for Harrah’s! I put it all on the kids’ birthdays. They paid out a butt load!

After lunch at the club, and a divine massage by Raul, I headed home. I kicked off my shoes and as I passed the hall mirror, I thought to myself “Do I look any richer?” I glanced at the reflection in the mirror, but could only see my Dixie Dukes!

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Jenny Matlock

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Centus - Rock, Paper, Scissors!

In honor of the first anniversary of Saturday Centus (please click here for info) I hereby offer my 100-word story for your perusal. This week, since it is such a special week, our fearless leader, Jenny Matlock, is allowing us to use a picture. Normally, we just take the prompt and run with it! The prompt we have been assigned, is below in bold lettering. Here we go!

"Although the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper..." Bill wanted to try something different. He knew that Jenni loved butterflies.

Bill thought, “Rick sculptures rock. I’ll see if he can shape a butterfly for Jenni.” Well, Rick was at Burning Man, so that idea was out.

Bill found a box of old scissors in the closet. He emptied them onto the floor. He painted the scissors with the brightest colors he found! After welding and sanding, he realized that he was not a scissor artist.

In despair, he picked up some colored paper and nail scissors. Jenni walked in and shouted,

“I love it…and I love you, too!”

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Jenny Matlock