Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sundays in My City - Post-Mother's Day

Welcome to Sundays in My City, a weekly meme brought to you by the effervescent Unknown Mami of San Francisco, California. Through pictures and stories, her followers share their cities and events. I would like to share an event that happened in our house beginning a few weeks ago.

Life is "a changin'" here in my house and I can't seem to get off of the "retirement/babies moving out/mother of all garage sales/cleaning house in places that have never seen daylight" merry-go-round! I am far from finished, but I realized that my passion for writing was being neglected!

The above picture is the final project of my darling Ed. You may recall my last post showed the computer version of Katia in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. Ed hand painted this picture and added a lot of dimentia...I mean dimension! She received an "A", which just happend to save her butt from an "F" because she never went to class! I remember cutting classes in college. For years and years after graduation, I would have dreams about it being the last day of school, I'm taking the final, and I have no idea about the class subject! And, then there were the "naked" dreams... oh my! That's when I started wearing jammies to bed!

I'm from St. Louis, Missouri! Welcome to my City!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in St. Louis!

In honor of Mother's Day, and all of the mom artists out there (we are ALL artists in some way!), I offer a piece that Edwina, my almost-21-year-old daughter is making for her college final. Katiana, my 19-year old daughter, who still likes to play dress-up, posed for her big sister as Alice in Wonderland. She was hanging off the deck when this picture was taken...I won't show you the shot where she was hanging by one finger! Being the awesome graphic artist that Edwina is, the rest of the picture was done on the computer. This is Step 1. Step 2 is to transfer this all onto a circular piece of wood about the size of a small kitchen table. Then, comes Step 3. She is using flowers, dirt and grass as a border to the piece (the hard part was gluing the dirt to the project) so that when placed on the ground, you observe the hole that Alice is falling into. Do you see that nasty Cheshire cat waiting for her at the bottom? I can't take a picture of the finished project because it isn't finished yet. It's not due until tomorrow at noon. (See, even my offspring have the procrastination gene!)

Hero, the eldest, who now goes by the name Bone Man (please don't ask...) is following his heart and dream of joining the ranks of the rich and famous. He's at Step 1. He has no money, a ten-year old well-loved car, lots of friends and is very busy producing Rap Battles in a nearby city. You go, Bone Man!

My second born, Rock, who is no longer a rock star, is aiming for his special place in the world of Graphic Design. He is incredibly talented, easy on the eyes, and has a work ethic totally unknown to his generation. He will succeed, and when he does, this proud mama will be whooping it up in the back of the room!

Katiana, the baby, has just finished her first year of college. She trained, while in high school, to be a cosmetologist, and is doing quite well cutting hair part time. She also has the artistic gene, but hasn't quite yet decided on which road to take. When she does find it, I know it will be a great ride!

Today, I am deliriously happy to be a mom. As moms, we nourish them and try to guide them to the roads that allow young people drive. We watch as they crash and make a few side trips, but we are always in the background should we be needed. Thanks, mom, for always being there for me!

Saint Louis, MO is where we live! Welcome!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Y is for Yankees!

Those of you who know where I live are aware of which baseball team is my favorite. I used to be a Dodgers fan back in the day, but after moving to St. Louis, and getting swept up in the red tornado that owns the city from spring to October, I am proud to be one little piece of Cardinal Nation. The fans are terrific! On opening day, everywhere you store, school, work, the mall, church (well maybe not church, but after church) is a sea of red as far as the eye can see! I am moving to Chicago next month, but it is going to take an act of you-know-who to make me change loyalty!

So, you say, "No Excuses, what do the Cardinals have to do with the Yankees, other than both being great baseball teams?" I say to you, I was blog hopping today and found this amazing post about Mariano Rivera of the Yankees by Anna at An Inch of Gray. The post is about how this baseball player has affected her family. You simply must visit this blog and see what I mean! Be sure to have some kleenex handy!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

And Where Have You Been?????

Oh boy, guess I have some splainin' to do. I've been away, but haven't gone far. My timetable has just changed a bit. Stress will do that to ya!

I'm moving to Chicago in June. I'm leaving my job, my friends, and my daily routine. This made me mad at first. Then I spent the weekend in Chicago with my H and fell in love...with the city...I'm already in love with my H! I was determined to help get the kids settled in their new abodes before I left. By last Monday, it looked like it was all falling into place. No. 1 son has already been out for several years. No. 2 son is going to be hall monitor and oversee the mansion while we decide whether to rent or buy. We will rent for a while and then make a decision. No.2 daughter has been out for a month, and is flourishing. I don't want to know the who, what, when or why of her long as she calls me once a week! No.1 daughter moved out this past week and is still moving out. I'd like to give you an example of how different two sisters can be, although that's nothing new to you!

No. 2 Daughter Before:

No. 1 Daughter Before

I also changed my eating habits recently, which as most of you know, can be a little wanting to strangle people, animals and vending machines! It's amazing how a few minor changes can make such a difference in ones life! I'm now over the "strangling" hump and moving into the "don't touch my special food" stage.

I'm actually smiling at life these days...even the days that aren't so pulling off "lord knows what" from the walls and carpet belonging to daughter no.1!

No. 1 Daughter After

No. 2 Daughter After

The basement is my next big adventure! Once Memorial Day has come and gone, I'm putting on the armour and going to battle (unless I decide to procrastinate a little longer)! I will put on a pot of coffee and will welcome anyone who is looking for a good join me in the abyss I call the "lower level" of my house! Daughter no.1 has taken much of what has been tightly packed away for 15 years, so my job will be a little easier come the end of the month when, I think...she may be completely out!

Thanks for allowing me to ramble on! I wish the best to you and your families as we continue to enjoy the spring and all the beauty (except for the frackin' heat in STL) it brings to all of us!