Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nope, Can't Do!

A year ago, 
my life took a turn in a new direction   

I was no longer allowed to stuff the emotional hollowness 
with glitter and unicorns 

Glitter and unicorns are pretty and made me feel good, 
but they could not be a part of my life

A new way to fill up the emptiness 
was presented to me on a silver platter

All I had to do was to follow the directions, 
which I have with great tenacity

I still admire pretty things, 
but I don’t need them to be happy, 
especially the unicorns

I am full

I am loved

Our challenge this week was to write exactly 100 words about the word "forbidden" without using the word, itself!  Boy, that wonderful Jenny is full of fun and games, isn't she?  Please ride your horsey over to Jenny's place and see how my friends have shared their creative genius!  Just click on the logo below!  Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Matlock

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fraggin' My Day Away!

Welcome to Friday Fragments, sponsored for the summer break by Unknown Mami.  FF will return to school in a week or so when Mrs4444 recuperates from her summer break!  Please stop by Unknown Mami's Friday Fragments by clicking on the Logo at the end of this post, and enjoy the witful wonders of fellow writers as they check in for the week!  Be sure to give Unknown Mami a big thank you hug for hosting this blog for the summer.  She's done a fabulous job keeping us in the loop!

I didn't have a chance to write about my BlogHer Conference experience last Friday as I was tied up in knots from the two hour drive (which should have been 1/2 hour) coming home from Downtown Chicago.  The conference was a huge success and although I only took part in the Expo Hall experience, I loved it!  My day started out with a "bang" as I entered through a revolving door and leaned in to the wall-of-glass-that-was-so-clean-I-thought-it-was-the-lobby! No worries, no blood or passing out for this tough cookie!  There were freebies to be had everywhere!  Too bad the food was not part of my eating plan!!!  I got to meet the Pillsbury Doughboy and told him that I loved him.  I watched as representatives from Dancing With The Stars performed while using a Shark Multi-Floor cleaner.  There were many booths advertising healthy living products.  One such booth had a mini aerobics class going on.  It took me back to my Richard Simmons days of the '80's!  In all, I had a great day and managed to get home in time to throw a pizza on the dinner table for Mister and me!

This week included all the yearly doc appointments (all is good) and a grooming visit for the dog!  I've enjoyed making "Magic" at my retail job and even got a kudos for writing up my manager.  No worries, it was a good write-up!

I'm so excited to say that I have been published in a magazine for my support group. It feels really good to have an article accepted and in print.  I know this was a God thing and I'm thrilled beyond (insert your favorite roller coaster ride here) that my work was chosen! It's given me the kick-in-the-you-know-where to submit more!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Don't forget to say hello to Unknown Mami!  Enjoy this wonderful sunny weekend, where ever you decide to spend it!

Unknown Mami