Friday, May 28, 2010

The Graduation Party....

My little social butterfly is hosting her high school graduation party tonight. The planning began about three weeks ago. Initially, the guest list totalled about 140 people...mean mommy said "No! Shorten the list and then we will talk." The list came down to 75 and mean mommy said "No! Cut that in half!" We came to an agreement with 40 guests invited. Mean Mommy began to pray for rain, vacations, other graduation parties, and for some...the brainless ones...simply blank stares into outer space trying to remember what they were going to do tonight! (I know I'm bad...I'm a mean mommy, I'm supposed to be bad!)

So far, everyone is behaving.... There is dancing in the "That 70's Show" basement of ours, there is coloring and message writing at one of the three tables in the backyard, there is frisbee throwing down in the bowl, (the common ground in the back that was supposed to be a pond, but never finished) and the dog has not left my side in the last hour. Ed made Tootsie wear the Ladybug Doggie costume, which Tootsie says "is completely humiliating. I'm gonna get that Ed!"

We have the Thespians sitting in the kitchen, stealing frosting off the cake with their fingers! Ed's posse is hitting on every guy here. They came dressed for action tonight! Sister Katya keeps checking on me (probably to distract me from someone downstairs doing something of which I would not approve). Rock and his friend Keith are playing chaperons for me tonight. Retro is working late...a likely story. He just didn't want to be around to watch the debauchery, or the clean up the next morning.

People are arriving at the same speed as those who are leaving. This has been a great party...nothing like Katya's 16th. Rock reminded me that Katya's party was in the middle of winter, when there's not much of anything else going on. That's why there were so many bodies around. It tooks us a week to weed through the debris!

I'll let you know what kind of garbage is left tomorrow morning! Hey, school's out for summer!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Dozen - What One Thing...

My blogger buddy, Lid, at 2nd Cup of Coffee posts Random Dozen on Tuesdays and invites us to join in by answering 12 random questions and then posting them on our blogs and sites the next day. Just click on the logo and you will be magically transported to a very happy place (one of those happy places that we all try to get to now and then!)

This week's Q & As:

1. What is one really fast, know-by-heart "go-to" meal to fix in a pinch? 1-800-Papajohn’s. Actually, I can always fall back on grilled cheese and tomato soup.

2. What is one item you won't leave home without. (Purse and license do not count.) My car keys? Kids? A snack for the long drive around the corner? Actually, I sometimes leave without my phone or without my grocery list, but I never leave home without a camera. One never knows when George Clooney is going to walk around the corner and “almost” bump into you.

3. Where is one place you never tire of visiting? The refrigerator. Actually, I could visit theatres with live performances every single day of every week of every year! I love dramas, musicals, comedies, and sweaty sports!

4. Share one factoid of your family's history. My great-great grandfather discovered a gold mine.

5. Complete this sentence: "Once upon a time I ....wanted to be a famous movie star."

6. If you could win a one year's supply of anything, what would it be? Chocolate…maid service…Rachael Ray cooking dinner for my family every night!

7. "One quirky thing you may not know about me is ....I can be unbelievably boring!"

8. You have one dollar in your pocket. What will you buy? Something I can turn around and sell for $2.

9. "One thing that always makes me laugh is ....the Etrade TV commercial with the babies." Actually, looking in the mirror does it for me anytime!

10. What is one thing you could do today to help yourself reach a personal goal? I’m doing it right now…write!

11. What is one thing you could do today to bless someone else? Ask God to take care of their needs. A coworker is having surgery tomorrow for liver cancer. He has been on my mind all day. Before I left work, I gave him a hug and told him that everyone was praying for him.

12. What is one thing you're looking forward to soon? The end of the school year…Yay!!!!

Psalm 84:10a: Better is ONE day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Dozen - Mustang Sally Style

Oh, those were the golden days...not a care in the world. Those (big chested, and surgically enhanced)bouncy, adorable and (not natural) blond cheerleader types...they had it all, didn't they? I'm not going to say that I wasn't envious. I was a brunette; I was in student government because I didn't make the cheer squad; I was the girl next door, and nobody dates the girl next door in high school - except the boy next door. Why can't we be happy with the treasures that are smack dab in front of our faces, instead of our desire to run with the beautiful and popular?

My blogger buddy, Lid, at 2nd Cup of Coffee posts Random Dozen on Tuesdays and invites us to join in by answering 12 random questions and then posting them on our blogs and sites the next day. Just click on the logo and you will be magically transported to a very happy place (one of those happy places that we all try to get to now and then!)

Here are a few Q & A's that may tell you a little more about my schizo personality!

1. Please share one memory of your high school graduation. Pics would be great!

I’m sorry. Did you say high school graduation? I don’t recall graduation. Everything after the night of Prom (when I was not voted Queen) is a blur to me. I vaguely remember hearing something about a ’66 Mustang being found at the bottom of a quarry with traces of silicone, blond hair and a tiara.

2. What is one "emergency use" item you keep in your vehicle at all times?

Since I no longer have use for any "feminine" products, I always keep a bag of Hershey Kisses in a cooler in my vehicle. You never know when that special moment will strike!

3. In your region, do you celebrate graduation open houses? Addendum: (If so,) how many open houses/bridal showers/weddings are on your upcoming events calendar?

On our calendar, we have three weddings, two showers, and two graduation open houses (one open house that we are hosting, and one that I will attend during the one that we are hosting).

4. Tell me one truth you believe about motherhood.

It hurts.

5. What was the last thing you broke?

I dropped a vase of flowers while carrying it from the office to my car. It was a gift for secretary’s day. I think I may have said a few inappropriate words that afternoon.

6. On average, how many pieces of junk mail do you receive daily?

We receive three to 10 pieces of junk mail daily. We cut out the words and use the letters for making ransom notes to send as birthday cards.

7. Do you like to shop by catalog?

I used to LOVE shopping by catalog and then the Internet was born. Instead of turning pages, now I just “click”. Some days I miss slapping those catalog pages!

8. Is lawn maintenance at your house a "his job," a "her job" or "his/her job" or "that's why we have teenagers" job?

My little cherubs wouldn’t know a lawnmower if it rolled over them! They’ve heard about them from their friends, but that’s about it. As of now, it is a “his job,” but if I don’t find summer employment, it will become “my job.”

9. Which room would you like to redecorate in your home?

I would like to redecorate my kitchen, then the bathrooms, then the living room, and finally the basement. Does anyone have an “in” with Ty?

10. Do you read a newspaper regularly, or do you read most of your news on line?

I read the news online, watch the news on TV, and listen to news on the radio. Then I email Oprah.

11. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

I do believe that most things happen for a reason, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why I’m not rich and famous. It should have happened by now.

12. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

I do not to worry about doing things right. I know I’m going to make mistakes, so I just do my best, and if it works out, then I am happy. I do try to do the right thing as often as possible. Sometimes, it doesn’t always work out…like the ’66 Mustang thing.

Please stop by Random Dozen at 2nd Cup of Coffee and get to know Lid and her plethora of bloggy buddies.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sundays in My City: Moms and Komen - Great Combo!

Today, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed at 6:45am and nestled into the couch with my first cup of coffee. At 7:05, I remembered that I had signed up for our West County Komen Walk For the Cure, and that I had to be there at 7:30. The body went into auto-pilot, like it does every Monday through Friday, and I made it in time to pick up my T-shirt and freebies.

I found Hayworth (a BFF of mine) in line to register. She and a group of preschool teachers were walking in honor of their survivor teacher, Anastasia. Then I happened upon my neighbor/bff/comadre, Lola, and her family. I knew that Hayworth and her group would be speed walking as they walk all the time after work. Lola, like me, is a weekend exercise warrior. I thought I would have a better chance of keeping up with her. Besides, she asked me to walk with her, and you know.... "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!"

The race was just a little over three miles... that's a 5K, right? I sure hope so, because I blogged yesterday about walking a 5K. It was a great walk with inclines and lots of shrubbery. We had the County and City police helping out. They made sure that the participants behaved and didn't antagonize other racers. There were several dogs with pink scarves who walked the race. I thought of Tootsie, but then the idea simply vanished from my coffee-starved brain. She would have barked the whole race, anyway!

It was a privilege for me to honor the following women whose lives have been affected by Breast Cancer: Alice, Eli, Sandy, Miriam, Susan, Judy, Lisa and Mary. I also would like to dedicate this to any blogher women reading here who have fought the beast, as well as women known to you warriors.

Edwina and Katya have promised me a massage and a pedicure today. I gotta go!

Hope your Mothers Day is filled with love and hugs!

Unknown Mami

Have you heard of Unknown Mami? She has a delightful blog where she shares photos of her city on Sundays. She invites the rest of us to link up with her and share some of our own city's photos. Click on the logo to visit Sundays in My City!

I live in St. Louis, MO. Welcome to my city!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Writer's Workshop - Memories of My Mom

I'd like you to meet my Mom, Jeanne. The cute guy next to her is my Dad, Richard. They both were taken home some time ago, but I've held on to the best memories. Their love story is a great one; but, I'll have to save it for another post.

I am at that point in my life when I don't remember where I put my keys 15 minutes ago, but I can remember every detail of my seventh birthday party! My best memories of my mom are those of her calm demeanor, her gentle nature and her ability to carry a conversation with everyone...from a preschooler to a PhD. She always had a supportive word for anyone in need.

She helped out at my Brownie meetings, she wrapped me in her arms as I cried my eyes out when I didn't make the high school cheer squad, and she stepped in as negotiator when I broke up with my boyfriend to be with another. She sewed a floor-length velvet cape for the Homecoming Queen at my brothers' school. Every time I had my braces tightened, she would take me for ice cream, and now I do the same for my daughter, Katya.

She was a perfectionist. My room always had to be spot clean. We would spend every spring break deep cleaning the house. The Parquet flooring had to be waxed only with the grain. I spent much of my life trying to live up to her standards, but I always felt like I came up short. I think she was disappointed that I didn't get an undergraduate degree as she had. She once told me that she "didn't see me as a career woman." Well, of course, that stopped a few dreams. Then there was the acting...she would come watch me, but her support to continue with that journey just wasn't there.

She was the only person whose opinion meant anything to me. When I had my first child, I felt like I had finally done something worthy enough for her acceptance and love. I was so looking forward to sharing this child with her and having both of us grow closer. She died three months later. I was angry at her, and I was angry at God. I felt so cheated. It wasn't until years later that I realized why she had to leave, and that it was God's choice, not mine or hers. I can now comprehend how very much she loved me and what she sacrificed for me. That's what moms do, any way they can.

I am still learning parenting and life skills from her 25 years later. I miss her dearly, but I know that part of her is locked away inside my heart. When I talk to my kids about her, the lock falls off and they get to see her through my eyes and words. Thanks, Mom...and I love you, too.


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