Thursday, February 28, 2013

Writer's Workshop - My Parents Met In Middle America

It has always fascinated me to learn how people get together, share a life, and produce a legacy for future generations.  Have you ever considered the "what ifs" that might have changed the course of your life?  I am convinced that a very well-thought out master plan is responsible for how we came about, even with all of the choice possibilities and coincidences (or co-inky-dinks, as we say in my family) that cause the twists and turns of our lives.  Each of these twists has a purpose, whether we are aware of the purpose, or not.

Take, for example, my parents.  They are both in heaven, probably dancing, golfing or playing Bridge.  I loved hearing the stories of how they met and looking at the pictures of their first years together.  My mom, originally from New York, was a student at Missouri Valley College, and my dad, originally from California, was in the Navy, stationed at the school for training.  He was dating my mom's roommate.  If the roommate was not ready to leave for a date when my dad arrived (which was often because my dad was always early), my mom would sit and talk with him while he waited.  One thing led to another and soon they were dating and my mom's roommate was not.  Fortunately, there was another great guy waiting in the wings for the roommate.

My mom was the Editor of the school newspaper, and she was not afraid to exercise her First Amendment right.  The Navy had a football team that played against the school's team for practice.  She wrote about a game where there were questionable calls, as well as, questionable tactics involved.  In essence, she blasted the Navy's team! I think her courage and assertiveness made my dad love her even more! 

My mom graduated, joined the Navy, and married my dad on a weekend leave.  The rest went according to The Plan. Theirs is a great story, with so much more to tell...another post!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fragments - Ya-Hooey!

Man-oh-man I thought today would never get here!  Not that it makes that much difference having the weekend to play, lounge around, sleep in...I work in retail...there are no weekends!  So, I play, lounge around and sleep in whenever I can, regardless of the day!  It is a special treat to spend a morning (Monday through Friday) getting nothing done.  Don't get me wrong!  It's not like I do this everyday; just once in third or fourth day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day.  I use this day as a last-ditch effort to get my Christmas cards out.  Otherwise, I have to go to through all the cards, cross out "Season's Greetings" and write over with the words, "Happy Easter!"  After the birth of my second child in August (many, many years ago), I just couldn't get to the Christmas cards, so I sent out Easter greetings.  It worked for me.

Valentine's Day is also the day that the kids gave to our beloved rescue dog, Tootsie!  For a special birthday treat, we drive through Mickey D's and get her a cheeseburger.  I worked yesterday, so was unable to accomplish that.  Dad reminded me that dogs don't know what day it I guess that's where we are going addition to the gazillion other errands.  I'll get a coffee and she'll get a cheeseburger (boo-hoo!)!

I discovered a great site for tree, eco-friendly, self-sustaining dwellings on f/b.  It's called "Living Off The Grid" and I'm not sure if they have their own website, or just a photo gallery on f/b.    There are some really fun things to see!

I'd love to share more pictures and have the placement of same be to my liking, however, the blog gods have made some changes and it has taken me two hours to get to this point.  I will leave you now before my lips begin spewing four-letter words, and pray that your weekend is full of laughter, hugs and happy events.  Be sure to stop by Friday Fragments and say hello to the delightful Mrs.4444!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Squirrel Hunt Sundays

Welcome to Sundays in My City, a place to share our city, and visit places that we may or may not have already visited, and hear from people whom we may or may not already know!  Each week, Unknown Mami invites everyone to share a piece of their town through photos, as well as, stories about our lives in our City!

Hi, I'm Tootsie, and I'm from Chicago (not originally, but for now I am)!  Just because we get some colder weather up here doesn't mean we can't go on a squirrel hunt!

I know you are here little Sammy Squirrel!  I can smell you a mile away!  You can run, but you can't hide from this extra-powerful, high efficiency nose of mine!

Are you hiding in the fake berries?

Did you just run behind that bush?

You're making me crazy!  Come on out and play with me!

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