Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby's Breath

Your sweet breath brushes upon my face and seeps into my soul
The gentle wisp of air that comes from your lips…how it humbles me
You are the most perfect miracle of my life
My pain is no longer as we become one in spirit
I will be still and stay in the moment for as long as I can
This is our time, and it belongs to no one else
For you, my precious, are my world, my life, my everything
This baby’s breath of yours is a gift from God
Forever to be held in my heart

I wanted to submit my first piece for Trifecta The challenge I chose for this week is: baby's breath:US a scented plant, esp. Gypsophilia Paniculata. I realized after I searched for a photo, and wrote my piece, that I was supposed to write about the dictionary meaning, not mine.  I am submitting anyway, and hope that I don't get kicked out by the amazing participants who write for this site.  Thank you in advance. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Frags - Oh is it Friday Already?

Just a quick howdy and here's what's new!  THE CARDINALS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!

Spent last weekend purging the basement at the St. Louis house...I survived...I didn't even have to take pictures of stuff I threw out!  Will go back again next weekend to (hopefully) finish the job!  Need to pull off some wallpaper...not excited about that!  While standing at the kitchen window, watched a family reunion of squirrels, the resident woodchuck, and a small group of deer who like to pass through our common area.  We just get skunks in Chicago! Sorry, didn't take any pics! 

The highlight of my weekend was getting together with my YaYa Sistas!  We all worked together at the same preschool about 10 years ago, instantly became bestest buds, and continue to keep in touch.  One summer we all went to see "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" which has bound us together forever!  One sister lives in Washington state, one in Kansas, one in Illinois (moi) and the last one in Missouri.  I LOVE  these ladies, and it was Divine intervention that got us all in St. Louis on the same day!  May I introduce (our movie star names given to us back in the day) from left to right, Lisa Marie Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez and Rita Hayworth. It's been a week since we saw each other, and it still seems like just yesterday for me!

I get to spend my weekend at work...making up for the lost wages of last weekend's fling!  That's okay...I'm taking notes for my book on retail adventures!  Big shoe sale at Macy's this weekend...come on by!

Thanks for stopping by here today!  Please check out the Fragments of some wonderful friends over at Mrs4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time.  Just click on the logo below!  Have a great weekend!  It will be full of Baseball (ahem...Cardinals), football, hockey and all the fun things the kids will be doing!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Big Purge

Hey, I'm back from the dead!  I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been living some really great adventures full force so that I could return to Blogland and tell you all about them! Have I got some great Bug Juice stories for you!  They will need to wait...for now!

I live in Chicago; my house is in St. Louis; and, unrelated to this story, my heart will always be in Southern California. We, the Mister and I, have decided to sell our house of 18 years so that we can (1) stop paying taxes in two states; (2) get rid of stuff that we have had since the '70's - which has almost come full-circle and can be stylish nowadays; and (3) move forward with our lives.

This coming weekend we will make the five-hour drive to the house to begin picking away at the last 35 years (or more) of our lives.  As we examine our booty from the past, we will decide to sell, donate, or throw away.  Keeping will only be allowed after a command performance on my part which will entail throwing myself to the ground, wailing uncontrollably and/or inducing hypnosis upon the Mister making him believe we need to hang on to something..."these ARE the Droids you are looking for..." The kids have already been put on notice to put sticky notes with their names on any items they would like. Sorry girls, you don't get the china and silver just yet!

I'll bring the camera so I can take pictures of all that I really, really want to keep, but know in my heart that I can't.  After I recuperate from the emotional stress of the Big Purge, I will post again...a new woman...with a butt-load of room into which new stuff can go!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the rest of your week!