Thursday, April 23, 2015

Left Me Smiling!

I was walking ahead of this little Precious to preschool class one morning when I began to hear a snapping sort of noise behind me.  The classrooms were all next to an open area overflowing with lush shrubs, plants and small trees.  It occurred to me that Precious was whacking the leaves of the philodendrons as we passed.

"Please stop whacking the plants," I asked, with a firm but pleasant tone.

"I not whacking.." was the reply from Precious.

"I know that you are whacking the the leaves...please stop it now," I countered in my bit-more-firm voice.

"Can't see me..." he countered with a "nanny-nanny" attitude in his voice.

"Oh, yes I can, my Precious," I replied, as I stopped dead in my tracks, dropped to my knees and lifted my shoulder-length locks above the nape of my neck to reveal a most exquisite single-eyed tattoo.  You know...the eye that all Moms have in the back of their head!

I turned around to find that Precious had the most incredibly surprised look (of shock) on his face.

"Mommy!" he shouted, and then he ran to his classroom ahead of me. I could hear him telling his teacher about his Mommy's eye in the back of her head!  It took everything I had to walk into that classroom with a straight face!

My work for the day was done.

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Thanks for stopping by today....Oh, and I must come clean...I do not have, nor have I ever had a tattoo of an exquisite eye in the back of my head!  I so wanted to have one, but just didn't have the guts!

Mama's Losin' It

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Today, I Will....

Today, I will show up.

Today, I will try something new.

Today, I will accept those situations over which I have no control.

Today, I will surrender my fears to God, knowing that guidance will come.

Today, I will improve my attitude, because when I do, the jerks don't seem so bad.

Today, I will touch another with a kind word, because when I do, I feel a joy deep inside that no amount of money could every buy.

Today, I will be grateful for another day in this great life, where I will have a chance to learn and experience new things, which I will share with others.

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