Sunday, June 30, 2013

Whoa, Stanley!

Welcome to Sundays in My City.  I am from Chicago, Illinois, and here's what's new in my town!

Hockey, Hockey and more Hockey.  Our home team won the big prize this week, and many, many, many people came out to celebrate on the ONE DAY that we DID NOT have severe thunderstorms, hail, flash flooding, and all-around yucky weather! The sports gods were taking care of business for us!

The celebration began the moment the Chicago Blackhawks plane landed. For the next 24 hours (it seemed) they shared their victory with Chicago fans by a gigantic pub crawl throughout the city.  They thanked fans, signed autographs for the fans, and even let fans "touch" the Stanley Cup trophy!

I've lived in cities where there were Superbowl winners, World Series winners, and NBA Champs, but this is my first experience with hockey champions.  No, I was not in the crowd depicted above, however, if you look closely in the team picture, you may see me putting rabbit ears on one of the players....I wish! 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

F is for Food Addict

Hi, my name is No (I can't tell you my last name because we don't use last names here...but some of you already know my last name is Excuses), and I am a food addict.  Well, after you all pick yourself up off the floor from laughing (hope none of you wet yourself while you were down there), let me explain. 

I love food.  I am in love with food, and I simply don't want to live if I can't have it!  There!  I've said it! Admitting that is the first step. Food makes me crazy, just like boys used to make me crazy.  Food makes me feel safe, just like mom and dad used to make me feel.  Food fills me up and helps me to fall asleep.  When I am asleep, I don't worry about anything...because I'm asleep, and nothing is going to happen until I wake up...right?

Like most moms, I can multitask, but when it comes to food, I have tunnel vision.  The only thing I can concentrate on is getting the food from the table to my mouth.  Sometimes, this part can't happen fast enough...especially if there is a desert involved.  Have you ever wondered how we discovered so many different, yummy tasting things!  We had to have help.  There must be a supreme being out there with computer access to every single recipe that was ever written, and sends just the right ones to us, just at the right time.  Believing that this being is providing recipes to us is the second step.

There are some days that I just can't decide what to eat.  My choices are too many, and then, there is the preparation.  Can't someone just make it for me?  Oh, yes, drive-thru!  But then, what drive-thru should I drive through?  Decisions....I can make myself so crazy!  So much of my time is wasted on trying to figure out what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat, how much time do I have to eat, and then when I'm done...should I have desert?  I think I'll just let someone else decide all of that for me.  That's the third step.

Food is the right amount, in the right combinations and eaten at the right times.  It nourishes our physical body, but should stop there.  When it becomes an obsession, a crutch, or a means to escape or numb out, it is just as unhealthy as alcohol, drugs, gambling or smoking can be, and needs to be addressed like any other addiction.  I made light of it above, but food addiction can make people very unhappy, sick and even cause death.  I know, because I have a food addiction. I was sick and unhappy; I am now in recovery. Every day the sun shines a little brighter, and I love the journey on which I now travel.

"The truth shall make you free."

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Make My Day - Sundays

Heigh, to work I go!  I have to pass this life-size poster each day as I make my way to the "department du jour" at the retail store where I work.  As I pass it, I always say "S'up Brad," giggle and then get the biggest smile on my face!

Even though we share the "Pitt" name, I don't think we are related. I've searched the Net, Ancestry and even have a published "Pitt Family" book, but connection!  Does it really matter? All that matters is that the poster stays put.

If the store opens one day...and the poster is missing...they only have to check the cameras to find an white-haired lady running through the store carrying a 200 pound poster and frame over her head! I'll confess, and I'll do the will be worth it!

I'm originally from Cali, then St. Louis, now Chicago, Illinois!  Welcome to my city!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Whip

I woke up this morning 
to the sound of the Whip
thought I was still dreaming
but then...

Again and again, 
it snapped and it cracked 
right outside my window 
and then...

I jumped out of bed,
and threw open the blinds 
was it day, no it was night 
but how then...

Could it be so bright 
right outside my window 
it looked like fire, everywhere
and by then...

It was too late, 
Whip took not just the tree
but the house in the tree 
even then...

It was all changed
but not gone
we'll start over again 
Curse you Whip!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Just Fraggin'

It's that time again...Friday Fragments...sponsored by Mrs.4444 at Half-Past Kissin' Time, who is on summer haitus at the for a short time, the captivating, multi-tasking Uknown Mami has agreed to take over!  Thanks, Unknown Mami, for stepping in so unselfishly on behalf of our dear friend, Mrs.4444!

The "Heat is On" here in Chi-town!  Spring made a very quick appearance and we are now making our way into hot, humid, muggy, sweaty, stinky, "hope all the air conditioners don't give us a blackout" couple of months!  It's only my second summer here...and I'm ready! 

The landscapers have scared away the geese by mowing the lawns!  Thank you God, for the little things!  Now I don't have to watch my every step when I'm walking Tootsie!  I just have to hold the leash a little tighter as the bunnies are out in full force.  When they see us coming, they stretch out flat like Snoopy, hoping to blend in.  We "pretend" that we don't see them, and continue on with our walk.  We know where all the dogs in the complex live, and have to pass by each of their apartments so Tootsie can pee in front of them.  They start barking at her, she barks back and I feel like I'm pulling a 747 to get us to the next point in our walk!  I guess I need to beef up my upper-body workouts!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Portillo's Legacy

As I travel up and down one of the main business streets in my neighborhood, I am always amazed at the amount of traffic at a certain location that houses some retail businesses and a few restaurants.  In fact, around early afternoon, there are always one-to-two police officers with their car and flashing lights in the median.  "They must do this to get free food" I would think!  What I didn't realize was the immense traffic was due to patrons! The restaurant is called Portillo's and I had the pleasure of my first visit a few weeks ago.

Barnelli's Pasta Bowl

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Dick Portillo began his restaurant business in 1963 with a 6' by 12' trailer called "The Dog House."  His initial investment was $1,100 and he sold hot dogs.  The trailer had no running water, or a bathroom.  He ran a hose from a nearby building to get the water he needed.  Within four years, and much success, the business was renamed "Portillo's", and since then has grown to 50 restaurants in the Chicago area and includes expansions to Indiana, Arizona and Southern California. One of his three California locations is situated in Buena Park, the town where I grew up! He has expanded his restaurants to include Barnelli's Pasta Bowl (all things Italian), Luigi's House (an Italian home style atmosphere), Honey-Jam Cafe (breakfast and lunch only). Portillo's Home Kitchen is the company's fast-growing catering and shipping division.

The owner has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and brought back ideas for menu items, as well as decor for his restaurants.  The menus consists of hot dogs, chili, sandwiches (chicken, fish, beef and sausage), burgers, salads, pasta, pizza, sides and deserts.  EVERYTHING is yummy, although I haven't sampled it all....yet!

Luigi's House

As you can see by the pictures, Portillo's is a well-oiled machine for a restaurant. Although it is set up similar to a fast food style, there is nothing fast food about it (except for the speedy preparation and delivery). I ordered my food and within minutes it was ready, placed on a tray with my drink, and I walked over to a window booth which was clean and free of any signs left by the previous occupants.  There are always employees out on the floor to help customers and keep the dining area clean.  Every single employee behind the counter has a smile and made me feel very special! 

Honey-Jam Cafe

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I'm originally from Buena Park, California, and now Chicago.  Welcome to my city!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Just Fraggin'

Welcome to Friday Fragments everyone!  One of my favorite places to visit, as well as, partake in "giving" away some fragments that have been rattling around in the nothingness I call my head!  Mrs4444 of Half-Past Kissin' Time sponsors this group therapy session each week where fraggers from all over the place share their wonderful lives!

I recently received a text from my 25 year old telling me that he was going to be on TV on the internet.  I immediately jumped up, danced around the apartment with the dog, and then zoomed in directly to the web address he gave me.  He plays volleyball with a men's team (just a bunch of great guys who played in high school, college and club teams - who still have a love for the game) and they were at NATIONALS in good 'ole Kentucky!  I was glued to the laptop for the next two hours, only taking one or two pee/coffee/doggie pee breaks!  I LOVE watching him play, and it brought back so many fond memories.  I don't have a picture of him playing this past week, but here's one of him in college. (Sorry it's not an action shot...those are all back at the house in St. Louis! He wasn't the tallest on the team, but he was lethal!) The team came in 26 out of 68 and first in their Flight!

Am thinking of getting into the Pet Insurance industry....had a Vet visit yesterday...I am happy that they are so thorough, and spend lots of time trying to figure out Tootsie's ailments, but...come on!  She's got a little bug going on in her not-so-small tummy.  I hope the Michael Kors bag I spent at the office yesterday brings her some relief...quick!!

I walked right out of my comfort zone and registered for BlogHer 2013!  It's only taken me five years to get up the nerve, but I felt that it's so close, and I won't have hotel expenses...why not?  I hope to meet a bunch of wonderful bloggies I've come to know over the years!  So please come up and say hi to me if you are there!  I'll be the silver-haired one with the "I'm lost!" look on her face!  I can't wait!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

SIMC - Chicago Botanicals

Dark Angels Dracula Dahlia

This week I had the ultimate pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend, and, at the same time, experience a new place in my new town!  My friend was visiting her family and asked if we could meet at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  I was familiar with the Gardens in St. Louis (my former City) and jumped at the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of nature's many gifts in a local setting.  Wow!  The pictures my friend took captured just a small sampling of the expansive and incredible landscape of the place.  I will return at a later date, and submit a "Part Deux" as I like to do so often!

Blue Star

Spanish Bluebell

Willows have such a special place in my heart...

Japanese Gardens and Good Friends...

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