Friday, June 7, 2013

Just Fraggin'

Welcome to Friday Fragments everyone!  One of my favorite places to visit, as well as, partake in "giving" away some fragments that have been rattling around in the nothingness I call my head!  Mrs4444 of Half-Past Kissin' Time sponsors this group therapy session each week where fraggers from all over the place share their wonderful lives!

I recently received a text from my 25 year old telling me that he was going to be on TV on the internet.  I immediately jumped up, danced around the apartment with the dog, and then zoomed in directly to the web address he gave me.  He plays volleyball with a men's team (just a bunch of great guys who played in high school, college and club teams - who still have a love for the game) and they were at NATIONALS in good 'ole Kentucky!  I was glued to the laptop for the next two hours, only taking one or two pee/coffee/doggie pee breaks!  I LOVE watching him play, and it brought back so many fond memories.  I don't have a picture of him playing this past week, but here's one of him in college. (Sorry it's not an action shot...those are all back at the house in St. Louis! He wasn't the tallest on the team, but he was lethal!) The team came in 26 out of 68 and first in their Flight!

Am thinking of getting into the Pet Insurance industry....had a Vet visit yesterday...I am happy that they are so thorough, and spend lots of time trying to figure out Tootsie's ailments, but...come on!  She's got a little bug going on in her not-so-small tummy.  I hope the Michael Kors bag I spent at the office yesterday brings her some relief...quick!!

I walked right out of my comfort zone and registered for BlogHer 2013!  It's only taken me five years to get up the nerve, but I felt that it's so close, and I won't have hotel expenses...why not?  I hope to meet a bunch of wonderful bloggies I've come to know over the years!  So please come up and say hi to me if you are there!  I'll be the silver-haired one with the "I'm lost!" look on her face!  I can't wait!

Please click on the logo below and visit Friday Fragments.  I know you will enjoy reading the bits and pieces of my fellow fraggers! Thanks for stopping by today! Hope your weekend is a blast!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Karen S. said...

Absoultely! Cool post!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's so cute that you were glued to your laptop watching your 25 year old play volleyball! Proud mama! :) And I'd totally do the same thing. ;)

Isn't it amazing how expensive vets have gotten??

Good for you registering for BlogHer! Wish I were going, but we're getting ready to move from PA to WA so it wasn't in the budget or the cards this year. Hopefully we'll get to meet sometime in the future! :)

Farewell to Friday for a Temporary Hiatus

Cyndy Bush said...

Gotta love seeing your kid on TV!
Vets...I have a lot of respect for them because their patients can't tell them what hurts but MAN! Are they expensive!

Keetha Broyles said...

Congrats to your son's vb success.

Along These Lines ... said...

Vets can backrupt you!

Carrie B said...

My daughter played VB for years also in college for the club team. We loved going to Nationals to watch them. I especially loved watching the men's teams. They are incredible! That's a great finish!!