Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's Not Just a Book Thing...Part Deaux!

Welcome to Sundays in My City, a most fascinating look a places around our beautiful country, as well as places unknown.  Each week, San Francisco's Blogger Extraordinaire, Unknown Mami, invites us to visit and share places through our pictures and posts. 

I recently wrote (bragged) about our wonderful, extraordinary, incredible library in Schaumburg, Illinois!  For a quick recap on my post, click here.  I shared some information and pictures about the Teen Place which had not yet opened.  I paid a visit recently to the Schaumburg Township Library and am happy to share pictures of the finished Place, which has been thriving since it's official opening in November.

Everywhere one looks, there are electrical outlets for teens to plug their various instruments of technology.  I can just imagine the electric bill should there be a full house in the Place!  As you can see, the books have been added, the dvd/cd/game rental box is in place, and the substations are ready for action.  My visit was made in the morning when teens are "in school", so it may appear to be a little empty in my pictures.

My favorite place is the multi-purpose-game-instruction-multi-tasking room that is separated by a sort of "see-through garage door."  In addition to the individual screens, which can accommodate up to four players, there is a mega screen that can be lowered for "crowd" uses (or control).

Oh, don't forget that we have a most inviting coffee shop located in the foyer of the library, just behind the cute guy reading on the bench!  It's a great place to grab a quick snack, or warm up with a great cup of coffee! That couch calls my name every single time I pass the shop!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saggy, Baggy Lady!

Life in ChiTown is good!  It's cold outside...really, really cold!  For this So Cal girl, it's like being at the North Pole without a decent parka, or any parka for that matter! I'm grateful that our heat is working...even if it sounds like a 747 taking off every time it comes on!  The dog only has to pee two or three times a day, so I can handle that. There's milk for cereal and beer for the old guy...what more could one desire?

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT ONE COULD have my saggy baggy disappear!  I worked my butt off to lose the pounds.  Now, it would be nice to enjoy the rewards...but nooooooooooo!  I will not be wearing "normal" lady jeans, as they don't accommodate my saggy!  I will not be wearing those really cute sweater dresses I saw at work because they don't hide my baggy!  And leggings... well, fahgetaboutit!  Does anybody know if our new health care plan includes "nip & tuck?"  It didn't before, but since a few new things have been added, I just wondered if this was one of them.

I remember a weight-loss place I went to when I was in high school.  They weighed and measured me, then wrapped my body in plastic wrap and had me jump around for a half-hour.  Then I was weighed and measured again...and I fell for it!  Anyway, I was thinking if I wrapped my saggy baggy in plastic wrap, or better yet...duct tape...I might be able to fit into some nice lady clothes.  What do you think?  Is that laughter I hear?  Are you snickering at me?  Well, I'm glad someone is being entertained right now!

Actually, I am hoping that you have been entertained by this little rant of mine.  I love my new body and am so very grateful to have it...saggy, baggy and all! It is a reminder to me of a place where I hope to never be again.  With God's help, my saggy, baggy life is gonna be fantastic!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

He's Got The Whole World...

Welcome to Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.  Yes, I know, it's Wednesday...cut me some slack, it's been a busy week!  Saturday Centus is a writing adventure that my friend, Jenny, extends to loyal followers and friends who love to write...usually on Saturday mornings...when our thinking caps are in the hamper and we need a little prompt! This week's prompt is the above picture.  We have been challenged to write 104 words in a story, prose or poetry and it should be in the first person.  My first light bulb moment was a song we used to sing (many decades ago) in Sunday School about having "the whole world in his hands."  My story (which is a little over 100 words...sorry I could not help myself as my research assistants were overflowing with ideas) follows from the viewpoint of my friend, Pete, the young man in the picture.

Somebody gave me this earth ball and said I had to find out how to make a happy world. Here's what some of my friends told me.

LH said the world would be "ran by mommies" and that we would all eat chocolate, and when she grows up she will take care of animals, especially frog animals!

JS said "God would take charge of the world.  I would play with all the toys and eat lots of mac and cheese.  Oh, and we would love everybody!

NT stated that "the world would be better if all of the countries had the same freedom we have.  We would send people to go talk to the kings or someone who will listen so we won't have world war and can live in peace."

Out of the mouths of babes....

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