Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's Not Just a Book Thing!

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It is with great excitement that I am able to share with you our local library!  The Schaumburg Township District Library is a exhilarating example of how today's libraries not only serve and inform, but engage residents of all ages!  Since moving to the Chicago area a few months ago, and applying for my card, I have attended two computer classes, a job skills/employment search seminar, checked out numerous books and movies, and cruised throughout the building in awe of the incredible layout and interior design.  What follows are some pictures I'd like to share from a recent visit.

As I enter the building, I am greeted by a very quiet gentleman (who just happens to be a statue) sitting on a bench outside of the cafe reading a good book!  I inhale the distinctly rich aroma of coffee (to some of us, it's like inhaling the aroma of chocolate) as I pass the cafe.  "Should I grab a cup now, or can I hold off for 15 more minutes?"  I pass through a second set of doors and find myself in the center of a rotunda-type room, with open passages to areas that resemble a book store, a children's play place, and a video/music/movie theatre event, and, of course, a very people friendly information center and checkout!

But the piece de resistance is the new 6,000 square-foot Teen Place on the second floor.  Not scheduled to officially open until November 24th, I was given a private and exclusive tour of this extraordinary masterpiece of design and technology which involved input from local teens, ideas from innovative Library staff, and the expertise of Interior Designer, Denelle Wrightson.  Please note that the decor is unfinished in my pictures.

The Teen Place is designed for young people ages 12-19.  As you can see by my pictures (I am not a professional product photographer) there are many high-tech "group" stations for the teens to use.  They fulfill the needs of homework assignments that entail group participation, as well as just hanging out, with or without multiple electronic devices.  Actually, just about any type of electronic device is available to use by simply swiping a library card. 

In addition to the staples of fiction and non-fiction books, novels, magazines, there are copies of local junior high and high school textbooks, just in case students "forget" to bring theirs home. There is a large unit in the center of the room (much like a "Redbox") where the teens can access DVDs, CDS and video games to be used while in the Place. There is a multi-purpose room where teens can watch movies or play video games (either together on a large screen or smaller individual screens). 

The teens have access to iMacs, iPads, several current gaming consoles, two discussion rooms with white-boards and flat-screens, and a "silent" reading room (yes, there are teens who love to read!).   Additionally, there is a digital production studio complete with green screen, cameras and state of the art computer technology to work it all!  There is also advanced music creation and video production software for teens who want to practice and improve their skills learned in the classroom. 

I WANT TO BE 14 AGAIN.... (well, maybe just for a week or so...) 

Many thanks to the wonderful people at The Schaumburg Township Library for making me feel like a VIP every time I walk through their doors.  Please visit their website to learn about the many programs I couldn't fit in this post, at  A special thank you to Lori Teipel, the Teen Manager, for taking time to show me the exciting things to come for our young adults.  Thanks, also, to the library's amazingly knowledgeable technical team who introduced me to the very high-tech production equipment, computer assisted applications and the unending possibilities available to our local youth. 

I live in Schaumburg, IL (it's just outside of Chicago).  Welcome to my city!

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retired not tired said...

Wow! Libraries have certainly changed. My first job was in a library on Saturday mornings and I had to put the books away using the dewey decimal system. Do they still use it in the new library?

Molly said...

Oh wow I think my son would love this place


Keetha Broyles said...

Oh WOW! I thought our library was the best I'd ever seen - - - but except that I don't see a coffee shop in yours, you have us beat!

Jeanie said...

I love libraries and this one looks exceptional. Now when kids there tell there parents they are going to the library they will be telling the truth. :)

That corgi :) said...

thanks for sharing this! I love that in these hard economic times where it seems libraries are cutting services, this one is looking into how they can best serve the community. Looks like a great place to spend the day. What a cool teen center!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow! What an awesome library you have ... how lucky you are. I live in a small village, and our library is small. Thankfully we're a part of a larger, regional library, so I can request books that my library doesn't have and get them in a day or two. We're going to get a new, larger library soon ... but I'm sure that it will not be anywhere as awesome as yours is.

Laurie Matherne said...

My mother live near a first-class library near New Orleans, but I think your library is a bit more stylish. I always feel a bit sad though that the library in her town tends to be mostly empty. I wish more people appreciated the benefits of having resources live a world class library in the town or city in the US.

Chris H said...

That teen place is awesome, what a good idea.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow! That library is awesome.
And I was thrilled to see that a new library was actually being built. Here in Los Angeles, they all seem to be closing :-(
Happy SIMC, jj

Unknown Mami said...

I am in love with that library. What a spectacular place!

Mrs4444 said...

This is really a sweet post. Maybe the Schaumburg library could use a new concierge :)