Sunday, November 13, 2011

Meet Me at The Fair - Craft, That Is!

Welcome to Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City, where many of her devoted followers send in pictures and fascinating info about what is going on where they live.

Where I live in the Midwest, craft fairs are big business for local crafters, artists, photographers and specialized bakers and cooks! The fairs begin in October and are held into the beginning of December.

There is something for everyone from home d├ęcor to jewelry and from children’s items to local sports teams (like the Cardinals…) And, the smells…oh, don’t get me started! Just outside of the main entrance is the Kettle Korn booth! One whiff of that and your taste buds are crying out to be fed, even if you just ate!

I went to such a Craft Fair yesterday, at one of our local high schools, Parkway Central. The organization of the whole event was incredible. There were parking attendants (no, not valet) and security everywhere in case one lost their way, and they were all students from the school. Many of the booths were school organizations so when you bought something as a gift (or a gift to yourself) you were also helping the school to earn needed funds.

My favorite booth was Diaper Dream Cakes. I’ve posted a few examples of them throughout this post. The artist/crafter is a delightful woman, Debbie Mazzuca, who is from the area. She makes her cakes out of baby items that cover all you could ever want for a new baby. You must visit her web site to see all of the cakes in her repertory. She will even customize the cakes for you. The website is Please check it out for some really fun gifts for a shower or new baby. I visited a few other “diaper cake” sites, but they just didn’t come close to Debbie’s cakes!

I’m from St. Louis, MO. Welcome to my city!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Different View

It's week #80 of Saturday Centus! The weekly challenge to write a creative piece with or without a picture, using either 25, 50 or 100 words in a genre of our choice such as poetry, short story, song lyrics, or confessional... We are using a picture that we used last week, but from a different view, hence, the title (duh). My story is in bold and, last time I checked, it was 100 words!

Oooooh boy! I knew I should have gone at home. Now I gotta go bad! Maybe if I hold my knees together, it won’t explode on the coach! Oh please, don’t explode. It’s okay to trickle a little, but don’t pee on the coach! Oh, no! my mom is watching from the window in that building! I just know that she’s telling me “you shoulda gone at home…” Why did God give me this red hair? I can’t hide anywhere! Maybe the coach will have us run laps around the field. I think I could make it to that tree….

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Jenny Matlock

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Centus - You Are Here

Hi, and welcome to Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus #79! Miss Jenny loves to tease and challenge us with weekly writing assignments. This week, we are to write using only 100 words and the above picture as inspiration. This is my assigment. Hope you enjoy!

It’s not enough just to raise four children, but four with red hair? I’m telling you…it ain’t easy!

Wherever there is mischief, the only thing witnesses agree on is that the “red” hair kid did it! Teachers seem to always keep one eye on the "red-head!"

The one place it’s great to be “red” is on a soccer team. All the players have to do is find a “red” and pass the ball! I was happy to get them all on the same team. They are all good athletes and play well. Now, if I could just remember their names…

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A is for Angels

Once again, it is Alphabe-Thursday at Jenny Matlock's house! We are starting a new series of stories, poems, pictures, doodles and other forms of self-expression beginning with the first letter of the alphabet! Angels were the first "A" that came to my mind, and since I collect and love them so much, I thought I would share them with you.

For most of my adult life, I have been fascinated by Angel stories, Angel pictures, and Angel contacts. I've never met a real Angel, but I truly believe they exist.

I think that if the power that is greater than us has administrative assistants, then they must be Angels. They may be called something else, but I choose to call them Angels. I'm sure that many of you have had some kind of experience (good) with a force that directed you to think or act in a certain way. I would like to share one experience that I have had, that leads me to believe that angels are out there.

It was mid-afternoon and I was driving the kids (all four of them) to a doctor appointment. (I would make all of the appointments for the kids simultaneously so that I would only get stressed out one or two days a year.) Nobody was sick or bleeding or complaining of little green men trying to squish them; it was just the regular yearly checkups!

I exited the freeway and was driving on a two lane street. The doctor's office was just a football field away. As I was driving about 40 mph, I dropped something (a CD or an M&M, or something...) and I quickly reached down to pick it up. The second my eyes were back on the road, I was headed to "say howdy" to the back of a school bus. I was literally 40-45 feet behind the bus. I slammed on the brakes, (as is my usual m.o.) and braced for the impact. It never occurred to me to try to get out of the lane, but it did occur to someone. With both hands on the steering wheel, and saying the Lord's Prayer out loud, the steering wheel turned to the right and I ended up stopped next to the bus instead of "in" the bus. I did not consciously turn the steering wheel, (Why would I? I had never done that before!) but I'm am forever grateful that a Guardian Angel (as I like to believe) turned it for me.

As soon as I caught my breath, I said to the kids, "Get on your knees and thank God right this minute for saving our lives!" I was still shaking hours later. I knew that there was a force of some kind in the car with us that day. A scare like this has the power to change some people. I changed. I never try to pick up anything that has dropped (like coffee, push pins, M&Ms, or original court documents) until I am parked and the car is turned off!

This is my A is for Angel story; one of many. How about you? I'd love to hear about any encounters that you have had.

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