Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Different View

It's week #80 of Saturday Centus! The weekly challenge to write a creative piece with or without a picture, using either 25, 50 or 100 words in a genre of our choice such as poetry, short story, song lyrics, or confessional... We are using a picture that we used last week, but from a different view, hence, the title (duh). My story is in bold and, last time I checked, it was 100 words!

Oooooh boy! I knew I should have gone at home. Now I gotta go bad! Maybe if I hold my knees together, it won’t explode on the coach! Oh please, don’t explode. It’s okay to trickle a little, but don’t pee on the coach! Oh, no! my mom is watching from the window in that building! I just know that she’s telling me “you shoulda gone at home…” Why did God give me this red hair? I can’t hide anywhere! Maybe the coach will have us run laps around the field. I think I could make it to that tree….

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Please "go" over to Jenny Matlock's and enjoy the Different View stories from my Saturday morning blogging buddies! Just click on Jenny's logo below! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Matlock


Karen S. said...

Oh yeah I know the feeling and I hate when that happens!

Bethe77 said...

Mile with chuckle
Wonder how many children do feel that way.
I think I may have a few times.
Like this take cute.

Judie said...

I really got a laugh out of this. Sometimes I skip a restroom on the golf course, and before I know it, I am trying to swing that club with my legs crossed!

What's up with the Anonymous? Still having trouble? I find if I make sure I'm signed in to my own blog, that helps. Also, hit "preview" a couple of times and it will take you to Google sign in.

anitamombanita said...

I'm laughing so hard that ... oh no... gotta go!!!

Nonna Beach said...

OMGosh, that was great ! What an original and clever take on the prompt...laughing 'til she finds a tree !!!

Mama Zen said...

Awww! That's a horrible feeling!

Betty said...

Ha! This rings a bell with me. I am like that, when I have to go I have to go NOW!

P.S. Thanks for your kind comment at my blog!

Sue said...


Hey, it could have been worse. (if you catch my drift...)


Jenny said...

I was pretty angry at myself that I didn't post my link in time. I wrote my whole story about a lady cleaning the window and not even noticing the kids!

This was a funny take on the picture prompt, though!

Jenny said...

Ha! Love this!

Number six is actually our middle Granddaughter and I had to laugh out loud knowing she has probably had that exact thought process more than once!

Cute take on the picture prompt!