Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A is for Angels

Once again, it is Alphabe-Thursday at Jenny Matlock's house! We are starting a new series of stories, poems, pictures, doodles and other forms of self-expression beginning with the first letter of the alphabet! Angels were the first "A" that came to my mind, and since I collect and love them so much, I thought I would share them with you.

For most of my adult life, I have been fascinated by Angel stories, Angel pictures, and Angel contacts. I've never met a real Angel, but I truly believe they exist.

I think that if the power that is greater than us has administrative assistants, then they must be Angels. They may be called something else, but I choose to call them Angels. I'm sure that many of you have had some kind of experience (good) with a force that directed you to think or act in a certain way. I would like to share one experience that I have had, that leads me to believe that angels are out there.

It was mid-afternoon and I was driving the kids (all four of them) to a doctor appointment. (I would make all of the appointments for the kids simultaneously so that I would only get stressed out one or two days a year.) Nobody was sick or bleeding or complaining of little green men trying to squish them; it was just the regular yearly checkups!

I exited the freeway and was driving on a two lane street. The doctor's office was just a football field away. As I was driving about 40 mph, I dropped something (a CD or an M&M, or something...) and I quickly reached down to pick it up. The second my eyes were back on the road, I was headed to "say howdy" to the back of a school bus. I was literally 40-45 feet behind the bus. I slammed on the brakes, (as is my usual m.o.) and braced for the impact. It never occurred to me to try to get out of the lane, but it did occur to someone. With both hands on the steering wheel, and saying the Lord's Prayer out loud, the steering wheel turned to the right and I ended up stopped next to the bus instead of "in" the bus. I did not consciously turn the steering wheel, (Why would I? I had never done that before!) but I'm am forever grateful that a Guardian Angel (as I like to believe) turned it for me.

As soon as I caught my breath, I said to the kids, "Get on your knees and thank God right this minute for saving our lives!" I was still shaking hours later. I knew that there was a force of some kind in the car with us that day. A scare like this has the power to change some people. I changed. I never try to pick up anything that has dropped (like coffee, push pins, M&Ms, or original court documents) until I am parked and the car is turned off!

This is my A is for Angel story; one of many. How about you? I'd love to hear about any encounters that you have had.

Please fly over to Jenny's 6,000 square foot blog and see what some of my classmates have turned in as their "A" assignment! Just click on the logo below. Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny Matlock


Jeanie said...

I have no doubt that there are angels among us. Too many things happen that could never happen if it weren't for the angels.

beckyp said...

wow what a scary story Glad it turned out ok. I havent had any angel experiences but I do believe they are out there Good post

Neabear said...

I am new to this Alpha-Thursday. I truly believe we have guardian angels. I also have a collection of angels. I also believe and guardian angel was with me during my commute home from school at night and helped me get home safely when I was so tired. So glad one helped you to safety that day!


Steph said...

Lovely post. And a wonderful story of God's protection. I can imagine you were shaking and so deeply grateful.

Sue said...

I believe that we all have angelic assistance. And I am grateful!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

A wonderful testimony of the the Lord's protection over you and your children. Plenty of His ministering angels around about us. I am thankful for the times that our children have come home with events that share they were protected from potential harm...and the times that my husband has been protected in various flying missions in the military.

I have been absent lately from Ms. Jenny's wonderful Alphabe-Thursdays(I'm thankful and blessed to have been busy with art's that time of year), but it is also soooo good to be back in "class"!

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you for stopping by...for your congratulations and for your kind words about the art I do. I have done several angel ones too :o)

anitamombanita said...

Loved your choice of Bouguereau paintings. He's one of my faves. And angels too!

Judie said...

Liz, you are an angel! What a sweet and spiritual post!!

H said...

I have no doubt that angels exist. They are god's messengers. I'm glad He sent one to protect you that day.

Jenny said...

I've always believed in angels. Stories like this one just enforce that belief for me.

This was wonderfully touching and heart warming.

Thanks for sharing this lovely link for Alphabe-Thursday's letter "A".