Friday, July 18, 2014

FF - Feeling Pretty Good!

I feel na na na na na na...
Like I knew that I na na na na na na!
So good...that I got you!

Oh James, your music is ageless and classic!  My grand kids will be lip syncing to your songs at their school variety shows! Thank you for your talents and gifts!

I am amazed at how music can affect my moods, especially when I having trouble finding my happy place.  Music always brings me to that place.  How about you?  I love how some songs will bring out some of my best memories, and then others just make me want to throw up.  I only play the feel good songs while I'm driving in my car!

My place of work has several tracts of background music playing at all times.  Sometimes the songs are country or patriotic, but lately most of the music has been 60's, 70's and 80's. I find that  my work is a happy place when the music reminds me of my misguided youth!  All of those crazy "fall-in-love" songs, or dance party music...the parties where some of us played those kissing games!  Oh, to be 14 again!

In addition to music, I'm always looking for inspiration and motivation.  One of my (and I have several) addictions is the "face" book thing!  It is so bad, that I have to put the kitchen timer on to let me know when my "time" is up for this session.  But I must say that this particular media site has brought me back in touch with many childhood friends, as well as, a form of communication (okay, okay...a peek at who is doing what) with my kids who are 300 miles away.

I came across a site that has been around for a few years, but new to me.  It's called "Queen of Your Own Life" and is my favorite "go to and feel good" site.  It was started a few years ago by two very gifted women who wanted to help women learn to become empowered.  Kathy Kinney and Cindy Ratzlaff have written books about being Queen of your life.  In addition, their blog is filled with all sorts of fun information!

They frequently post on the face place with vintage pictures of women and a sentence or two about finding the courage, strength and desire to have a more fulfilling life. I can't say enough about how their posts have influenced and encouraged me to get out there and find joy in my day...every day!  Stop by and see for yourself!

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Have a glorious and royal weekend...and thanks for stopping by!

Half-Past Kissin' Time