Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Little Romance to Heat Up The Month!

I was recalling my most favorite Romance movies, when I realized that my memory just doesn't have enough space to hold them all.  I could watch Romance movies (chick flicks) 24/7 if I could afford to, and be a perfectly content! To help my lack of memory, I googled "Romance Movies."  There are only 32,543 of them listed...I just didn't have the time to search them all!  So I went through the top 25 and picked out a few to share with you!

Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour has got to be my all time favorite.  I watch it as often as it comes on both cable and network television.  It's a movie that intrigues me with it's time and space ideas.  That first kiss...oh, my...I will never forget it!

I have watched Pride & Prejudice at least a dozen times in the last six months.  I will never tire of it!  Keira is delightful and Matthew MacFadyen is...well...if I were 20 years younger!  The build-up of anxiety when they find each other in the meadow...I really hoped they would have kissed!


 Who doesn't love John Cusack?  Serendipity, for me was a reminder to listen to those little signs and messages and gut feelings that we experience from time to time. Persistence and faith will always guide us to happiness.

Bogie and Bacall, Tracy and Hepburn, Taylor and Burton....Hanks and Ryan are right up there on the screen with the best of them.  They know how to make magic.  I love Sleepless in Seattle and the message that we all have a "special someone" just for us! 

The Lake House took me a little time to figure out. Here's another movie that deals with time and space, and I want to believe that maybe somewhere, at some point, it might be possible.  I love the banter between Sandra and Keanu.  It's almost like they had known each other in a different maybe they road a bus together once...or something!

I fell in love with Always, not just for the underlying love story, but also for the hope that we might be able to receive messages from our loved ones who have passed on.  There are many books and movies that explore this possibility.  I would love to think that some form of communication is possible.  Maybe the songs we hear, or the words we read or hear others speak, could be someone saying hello from far away.  One never knows!

What are your favorites?  What movies light that little flame inside to warm your heart and take you away for an hour or two?

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Heart Melts

Heart Melts

Puppies, Kittens and Babies 

Always melt my heart.

Littles, Bittles and Cutie Patooties

Warm My Insides and Make Me Smile.

The Last Time My Heart Melted...

Right Now

When I Realized How Blessed I Am To Be Alive

To Start Each Day In a New Adventure

What Melts Your Heart?

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Just Seven Joys?

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop offers writing prompts each week, and since I sometimes have a hard time thinking of appropriate thoughts to share, I defer to her varied, challenging and fun suggestions.  I chose to share the top seven things that bring me joy (yes, I had to cut it down from 1,000) and I offer my appropriate thoughts for you now.

Thing 1:  Thoughts of my children

Thing 2:  Speaking, hugging, holding, and crying with my children.

Thing 3:  Watching my children flourish in all areas of their lives. 

Thing 4:  Touching the hearts of my children, my friends, and perfect strangers.  There are no better words than "pure joy" that describes the feeling I get when this happens!

Thing 5:  Thoughts of my unconditional-loving Tootsie, who lights up my life when my children are not around.


Think 6:  Thoughts of the fact that an employer still thinks I have skills to offer and is willing to pay me for my service...even at my age!  (This is more of a gratitude item...but it does bring me joy twice a month when I check my bank account!)

Thing 7:  Waking up each morning (with no toe tag on) and knowing that I'm going to have a great day!  I may have challenges, but after I meet them and the clouds are blown away by the Chicago "breezes" I know that I can combine these seven joys to make the evening reflection an overwhelming joyful experience.

I wish you the most joyful of holidays that continue throughout the New Year!  

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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Giving thanks for pure joy

The voices of my family, my loves

It doesn't get any better  

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Z is for Zoey's Attic

My son recently found his dream job!  His background and skills in graphic design landed him a position at Zoey's Attic, a Missouri based web company that offers personalized clothing for babies, siblings of babies, parents and grandparents of babies.  There is something fun and unique in every corner of this company!

Zoey’s Attic began its journey in November 2006 led by one fearless leader, Erin Delanty.  The inspiration for the website came shortly after she and her husband welcomed the birth of our their first child.

Her search for out-of-the-ordinary newborn baby tees on-line and listening to friends who were having difficulty finding unique big brother/big sister gear, Erin decided to use her skills as a graphic designer and web developer to design her own line of products.

Erin's idea was to create a web-based shop where new parents and parents-to-be could involve all members of the family in exciting “baby news” by offering a variety of pregnancy or baby announcements and hard-to-find big brother/sister tees.

Zoey’s Attic sold its first shirt just two days after launching the website and development has expanded based on the initial and continuing positive response. They have grown to offer many more products for the whole family.

Inspiration comes easy for Erin. Her family and friends have inspired her the most as she watches her own babies grow and as she observes her parents and parents of friends become grandparents. She constantly sees new ways of looking at the world.  Zoey's Attic offers cool and unique products that reflect a fun and special time of life for multiple generations.

Tooth Fairy Bag

Please check out Zoey's Attic at and you will be delighted with the products that you will find!  Zoey's Attic is also on Facebook, Twitter and Etsy! 

Oh, and in addition to finding his dream son just married the love of his life!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Ring Thing

“Are you sitting down?” her mother asked.

“Well, I am now!” replied Lisa, excited as a child on Christmas morning.

“It’s real, and it’s worth $$$$$ Dollars! The center stone is 1¾ carats surrounded by 18 diamond chips. Can you believe it?” asked her mom.

“Oh…my…goodness! No, I cannot believe it!” screamed Lisa. She fell back in the chair and gazed at the ceiling. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world right now!” she shouted. Several days earlier, Lisa had found a sparkly-kind-of-brooch-thing on the ground, and figured it was just junk jewelry. Never in a million years did she think this could be the real thing!

Whenever Lisa would walk anywhere outside, she always kept one eye on the ground in case there were rocks, holes, or something slippery. Years earlier, when she was on her honeymoon, she fell flat on her face while crossing the street. Normally, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but it was downtown San Francisco, and there were witnesses everywhere. She was walking a few feet behind her husband, Jack, and as she fell, she made a sound similar to that of a professional football player who had just received an unexpected helmet thrust to his mid-section.

Jack, being the concerned and loving husband that he was, continued walking as though nothing had happened. Lisa picked herself up, brushed the concrete bits from her face, and finished crossing the street. From that day on, Lisa was always aware of her surroundings, especially on the ground. So, one day, when something sparkly caught her eye, she gave it her full attention so as not to trip over it. She scooped it up and put it in her pocket.

“I’ll ask mom if she thinks it’s worth anything,” she said to herself. Her mother’s neighbor was a jeweler who worked out of the house. If her mom didn’t know, she would ask the neighbor. Lisa dropped off the brooch the next weekend when she went to visit her parents. She forgot about it until her mother called her a week later.

Now, something that expensive made Lisa very uncomfortable. When she was three years old, Lisa was playing with her mother’s wedding ring (a family heirloom) in the front yard. She came into the house later without the ring and her mother asked her about it. Being only three, Lisa, had no idea where the ring was. Mom walked outside and began to scour the front yard. She found nothing, but did notice some workers cementing a fence between the houses...

“No, she couldn’t have dropped it over there…” her mother thought and then sighed in despair. The ring was gone, never to be seen again. Lisa had been reminded of this event many times as she was growing up. She felt horrible about it, but reminded herself that she was only three years old at the time and shouldn’t be held responsible for the loss.

On another occasion, Lisa had accidentally thrown out the anniversary ring given to her by Jack. After the two of them climbed into the apartment dumpster and looked in every nook and cranny, between every piece of paper, and inside anything that could open and close, they sadly agreed that it was gone, never to be seen again.

Lisa thought that she might be able to finally redeem herself for her childhood mistake, by giving this gem to her mom. She secretly spoke to her dad about having something made using the stones. The next door neighbor, the jeweler, could make the piece. Dad and Lisa decided on a custom gold band ring, with the big stone in it. The jeweler shaped the top of the ring into a “V” and the stone was placed at the bottom of the “V”. It was a very unique design and Lisa hoped that her mom would like it. Her mom loved it! Lisa felt relieved that her mother liked the ring, and for the first time in her life, she felt that she had made up, in a sense, for the loss of the family ring so many years ago.

Today, the ring sits in a bank deposit box and is safe from anyone, three years to 63 years old, who could accidentally throw it out, or drop it into a cement fence being built between houses.

This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the stupid.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Run, Chicago, Run!

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is known for its flat and fast course that starts and finishes in Grant Park and travels through one of the world’s most magnificent cities. The course has produced four world records, several national records, and countless personal bests. Runners enjoy the support of 1.7 million spectators as they run through 29 neighborhoods.  (I'm sure there were at least that many spectators there today.)

20 aid stations are located along the course approximately one to two miles apart. Each aid station consists of the following amenities in this order: 

Medical Tent with access to a Runner Transport vehicle
Toilet facilities
Gatorade Endurance Formula (lemon-lime flavor)
Public address announcer  

(They have your back!)  

In the event a participant is transported to a local area hospital at the discretion of the medical team, the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago’s Patient Connection staff will be on hand in Grant Park to provide information regarding that patient to family and friends.  (You go, American Red Cross!)

This race is used as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon, as well as, Olympic hopefuls. There are individual runners, groups, physically challenged and some "weekend warriors" who want to get out of work tomorrow.  This morning at 6:00am, it was 50 degrees as participants lined up.  Some had their game face on and others had their wedding face on...  

The race was a huge success, and I'm sure that many ended up here for the celebration of finishing, and are living to tell about it!

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