Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sparks Flying Everywhere!

Beth fidgeted anxiously as the elevator slowly descended to the ground floor. It seemed to take forever to get to the main lobby.

“Where should I go for lunch? How much money do I have? Do I have to stop at the bank? Is my skirt on straight?” The questions kept coming.  “Ugh! Why is this elevator taking so long?” Oh, the trials of a twenty-something!

“Finally” she sighed, as the doors began to open. On the other side of the elevator doors stood a Man God; a perfectly-chiseled-from-head-to-toe young man in a business suit. She looked up at his steel blue eyes and at the same time he looked at hers. The color of his eyes was like nothing she had ever seen. They were piercing, but his body was relaxed and almost welcoming. Both he and Beth were locked in a tracking beam and were focused so intently on each other that not even a bomb would have broken their mutual trances. Everything became dreamlike and in slow-motion, and the sparks began to fly!

As she began to exit the elevator, she felt a force pushing her back. She did not want this euphoric feeling to stop. She finally gave it her all and began to exit the elevator. She passed him with her eyes still locked onto his. His were still fixed on hers, and then he began to smile. She returned the smile immediately. As they passed each other, their hands brushed lightly, setting off more sparks. Beth could feel her heart pounding and a bolt of electricity shooting all the way down to her toes. Turning toward the double glass exit doors, she made her way to the only place that would break this spell, even though it was not what she really wanted. There were sparks flying everywhere!

“Ten more steps” she said to herself, “and I will be free of this tracking beam.” Beth turned back to see if the elevator had closed yet, and saw that it had. But to her surprise, Mr. Gorgeous was still standing just outside of the doors. He was watching her and that made her knees turn to jelly. She grabbed on to one of the door handles to keep from falling to the floor in a puddle of jam. Amidst the sparks, she turned and saw daylight just outside of the glass doors, as it beckoned to her. 

“Just turn the knob and open the door!” Beth screamed to herself. With every ounce of energy, she pushed  open both doors and stepped out into the light.  She felt the sun’s warm rays wrap around her body from head to toe. She pulled out a pair of sunglasses from her purse and put them on. As she pushed the bridge into place, a quick flash of light was seen out of the corner of her left eye. She adjusted her wedding band and sighed.

“Now, where am I going to have lunch?

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Volo Auto Museum - SIMC

Gifts for Father's Day are becoming more and more difficult for me to find.  We downsized from a four-bedroom castle with a yard to a one-bedroom apartment with a half-garage.  Home Depot had been my go-to-gift and saving grace for years, but there are no more "house-honey-do's" in this family!  Eating out at a new restaurant has become a "journey to unknown adventures" with our changing epicurean palettes and "maturing" digestive systems (hence, a new eatery is no longer an option)!

Of the interests that we both share is an appreciation for history and classic transportation.  A friend told me about the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois.  Less than an hour from our cozy estate, and a delightful drive through open fields and away from "city" life, we journeyed to the museum to catch a glimpse of what we thought would be a few muscle cars from the 60's.  We were met with just a tad more than a "glimpse"...sort of like "wow, awe, bug-eyed and we-can't-see-it-all-in-one visit!" Please check out their website here to get an idea of what I mean.  

I was impressed by the impeccable condition of their vehicles, both antiques, as well as, contemporary.  They have something for, movie buff, and anything-antique collectors, as well as those who just like to appreciate fond memories of our yesterdays!

I loved the cars, fully knowing that I either couldn't afford any of them, or would have no place to store any of them.  The 10x20 garage space that we now have is packed solid with items from our former life of which I could not let in Grandma's dining room furniture, 35 years of Christmas decorations and an array of power tools...just in case we wind up in another castle someday!  But I could really appreciate each and every thing that I saw! The Hollywood section even had the Harrier used in both the "True Lies" and more recently, "Avengers" movies! 

HOWEVER, since I am "mature" I can appreciate "mature" pieces...even really, really mature pieces.  I thought I died and went to heaven within seconds of entering one of three of the Antique Malls.  I immediately was overwhelmed with the thought, "I'm never going to get through everything...not with the way that I've been taught to "get through" all of the interesting, beautiful, corny and priceless pieces of history. 


It was a wonderful few hours that left me longing for more...I want more...give me more...NOW!!!  Sound familiar?  I plan to revisit, either with girlfriends or ALONE, in a few months when the crowds are a little more sparse, and I can just a mature person!

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p.s. - I have recently been binge-watching 11-22-63 on Hulu so I could get current on the series.  I love history and time travel...this show has both! And, Volo Auto Museum has a car from the show! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shake a Tailfeather!

Throw-Back Thursday from a summer day in June....a long, long time ago!  This is me at the beach with my mom and friends.  I will always treasure the wonderful memories (thank God I still have some) of my days at the beach!  

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Be Kind

I believe that children are born kind.  

As adults, we must reinforce this behavior with our actions.  

Kindness to others makes both the giver and receiver feel good.

Try'll see!

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

And, They're Off!

Today is the beginning of running season in Chicago!  Welcome to Chicago's Annual Shamrock Shuffle! They do like to start things off here with something to grab your attention!  How about an explosion of Green?  Even though St. Patrick's Day has passed, I think this race is being held now to assure that everyone is over the massive hangovers that ensued a few weeks ago!

Thousands of runners get ready to hit downtown Chicago for the annual Shamrock Shuffle the world's largest 8k. Over 40,000 runners registered for this race.  Drivers had to prepare for plenty of street closures in the Loop.  Thank goodness for Metra!  The first race wave stepped off at 8:30am, followed by a second way of runners at 9:00am.  The 8K course started and finished in Grant Park, and weaved through downtown streets.  We actually had a weather-perfect running so perfect yesterday! 

Some Fronterrunners/Frontwalkers Chicago club members gathered to volunteer for the race.   This is more my style.  I think I will volunteer next year.  I guess it is sort of like a pacer car at the Indy 500, don't you think?  I would, however, that I  would need to start walking the day before the race if I was to walk the whole 8k!!!! 

A great day and a great race sponsored by Bank of America!  

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