Friday, November 15, 2013

Holy Fragments, Batkid!

We are humbled and incredibly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support received in response to Miles' larger-than-life, superhero wish in San Francisco. 


Due to the drastic increase in Web traffic, and perhaps because of a few troublesome villains, we apologize for the difficulties experienced in accessing our site.


We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to learn more about Make-A-Wish® and how you can help us grant more wishes.

MILES...not your everyday hero!!!

Welcome back to my little Fragment of the World!  I used to be so on top of this weekly post.  What happened?  Maybe it was the dog...or my Adventures in Retail...or even the daily exercise of not really exercising, but planning to exercise!  At any rate, I'm back and happy to be here!


It's getting colder and a tad more windy here in Chicago!  This little SoCal girl still can't seem to get used to it.  I guess I just need to go shopping for more sweaters...and coats...and leggings...and cute boots!  Oh...and we are just about to have a great sale at work (Friends & Family)!  What a co-inki-dink! I'll just wrap them up and put "From Santa" on the tag.  Boy, will I ever be surprised!!


My _acebook addiction seems to be getting a little out of hand lately.  I don't play any games, but I seem to be checking status and pages of everyone I know....not just once, but more than a few times a day (hour).  This has got to stop!  A good friend realized she had this problem and just cancelled her account.  Could I do this?  Do I have the "juevos" to close off my only connection to the world (other than phone, email, letter writing and or jumping in the car and meeting for coffee)?  Nope...can't do it!   So...I've developed a plan to limit my time on this site to "3 times a day, with nothing in between"....sort of like my feeding times.  I don't sounds a little white-knuckling to me...what do you think? 


I am looking forward to snow...just as long as the streets are clean by the time I have to go to work.  Bring it on, Mother Nature!!!!



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