Friday, October 31, 2014

Fragments of a Workin' Stiff!


I've been away....way, way away!  Like the way, way back of the mini-van!  It's the place where nobody wants to be because one misses all the action when one is in the "way way back!" 

For two years, I have been looking for full time work, all the time brushing up on "Office Gossip 101" and how to politely tell someone to "get lost" without them knowing it until I have made my escape!  I feel lucky to have found a part time job in retail, along with a few "temp" jobs through the one million agencies with which I am registered!  Well, guess what?  I have been working a temp job for three months...a 9-5er...M-F...and I'm so exhausted that I can't write as often as I was accustomed to writing!  I thought it was a phase and I just needed to "get over the honeymoon" and all would be hunky-dory!  I'm still pooped! Well, welcome back to the real world baby! How do so many of you manage?  I guess it's like cooking all day Sunday to make meals for the week because-you-know-how-exhausted-you-are-gonna-be-and-don't-really-want-to-cook-during-the-week... Yeah, something like that!

I'm blessed to be working, but am feeling guilty about not writing more.  I think I will try the Sunday writing blitz and see what happens!  I've missed reading my "regulars" and have missed putting in my two cents every now and then, as well!  I plan to play catch up with everyone!

We had flurries this morning in Chicago!  The wind has kicked up and Walenda is walking the rope this weekend!  A few extra prayers would be appreciated, I'm sure!

I must have seen a thousand Elsa Princesses this week!  That's okay...she's my new favorite.  What a voice, too!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  And for those pumpkins that didn't get carved... hang on to them for front porch snowmen decorations! No, Tom Cruise does not come with the pumpkin...sorry ladies!

Thanks to Mrs4444 for always being my bright light with Friday Fragments!  If you haven't already, please stop by and enjoy the weekly musings of some really great bloggers!  Just click on the logo below.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a "oh-great-we-get-to-sleep-an-extra-hour" weekend full of fun stuff with good people!

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