Sunday, November 25, 2012

At Least the Laundry Gets Done!

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to Saturday Centus, a weekly writing challenge hosted by Jenny Matlock at Off On My Tangent.  Each week, we are given a prompt to write about using a set number of words (100 plus the prompt-this week) which can be prose, poetry, fiction or fluff.  Personally, my favorite is fluff!  This week's prompt is "I finally understood the phrase ‘a deer in the headlights’” and is in bold below.  Glad you're here!

I recently moved 300 miles away from my kids. It’s okay; they are all consenting adults.

To feel closer to them, I visit their Facebook pages. This is not always the most cuddly, huggly way to stay in touch! Since they are consenting adults, they post consenting adult statements, etc., on their pages. I have no control, say-so or editorial discretion privileges concerning their posts. I no longer go there. Some days I want to cancel my account when I see or read their latest adventures.

When I saw this, “I finally understood the phrase ‘a deer in the headlights’”.  It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but one of the cutest!

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Jenny Matlock


Dreaming said...


Karen S. said...

Oh I sure know what you mean about Facebook, it has it's ups and downs, especially with our grown up children- and then the in-laws! But this photo takes the cake- I've seen this very look in my own daughter's room and she has that same laundry fall up thingy that her cats love....but oh beware when they close up and there's not enough clothes in it! oops! Great centus!

Dreaming said...

I love this photo! It is a perfect illustration for the prompt!

Jenny said...

Loved this laugh out loud photo!

And the facebook thing.

Yeah. I get it.

And I'm not sure how I feel about it either.

And I suspect I quite often look like a deer in the headlights...but with a few more wrinkles and bags around my eyes!