Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saggy, Baggy Lady!

Life in ChiTown is good!  It's cold outside...really, really cold!  For this So Cal girl, it's like being at the North Pole without a decent parka, or any parka for that matter! I'm grateful that our heat is working...even if it sounds like a 747 taking off every time it comes on!  The dog only has to pee two or three times a day, so I can handle that. There's milk for cereal and beer for the old guy...what more could one desire?

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT ONE COULD have my saggy baggy disappear!  I worked my butt off to lose the pounds.  Now, it would be nice to enjoy the rewards...but nooooooooooo!  I will not be wearing "normal" lady jeans, as they don't accommodate my saggy!  I will not be wearing those really cute sweater dresses I saw at work because they don't hide my baggy!  And leggings... well, fahgetaboutit!  Does anybody know if our new health care plan includes "nip & tuck?"  It didn't before, but since a few new things have been added, I just wondered if this was one of them.

I remember a weight-loss place I went to when I was in high school.  They weighed and measured me, then wrapped my body in plastic wrap and had me jump around for a half-hour.  Then I was weighed and measured again...and I fell for it!  Anyway, I was thinking if I wrapped my saggy baggy in plastic wrap, or better yet...duct tape...I might be able to fit into some nice lady clothes.  What do you think?  Is that laughter I hear?  Are you snickering at me?  Well, I'm glad someone is being entertained right now!

Actually, I am hoping that you have been entertained by this little rant of mine.  I love my new body and am so very grateful to have it...saggy, baggy and all! It is a reminder to me of a place where I hope to never be again.  With God's help, my saggy, baggy life is gonna be fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! When are you coming down to visit and show off??

Jeanie said...

It sounds like you have gotten yourself to a great where you feel good enough about yourself that a little saggy baggy doesn't matter.

Chris H said...

There are heaps of underwear thingees you can buy to help hold in the 'saggy baggy' bits!