Thursday, April 9, 2015

Today, I Will....

Today, I will show up.

Today, I will try something new.

Today, I will accept those situations over which I have no control.

Today, I will surrender my fears to God, knowing that guidance will come.

Today, I will improve my attitude, because when I do, the jerks don't seem so bad.

Today, I will touch another with a kind word, because when I do, I feel a joy deep inside that no amount of money could every buy.

Today, I will be grateful for another day in this great life, where I will have a chance to learn and experience new things, which I will share with others.

Today's prompt is sponsored by Kat Bouska, Mama's Losin' It Writers Workshop.  Please stop by and read some really wonderful things that others have to say.

Thank you for stopping by today!


Karen S. said...

This is beautiful!

Mama Kat said...

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive when we're not feeling positive. I love your reminders!

Sioux said...

Those are wonderful reminders... things we should remember every day.

I don't know what kind of things you like to write, but check out Sasee magazine. You can read the stories online to get an idea of what they like, and if you email the editor, they will email you an editorial calendar, so you know what themes they're planning on. (And they pay ;)--they usually like stories a little under 1,000 words--a penny a word.)