Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby's Breath

Your sweet breath brushes upon my face and seeps into my soul
The gentle wisp of air that comes from your lips…how it humbles me
You are the most perfect miracle of my life
My pain is no longer as we become one in spirit
I will be still and stay in the moment for as long as I can
This is our time, and it belongs to no one else
For you, my precious, are my world, my life, my everything
This baby’s breath of yours is a gift from God
Forever to be held in my heart

I wanted to submit my first piece for Trifecta The challenge I chose for this week is: baby's breath:US a scented plant, esp. Gypsophilia Paniculata. I realized after I searched for a photo, and wrote my piece, that I was supposed to write about the dictionary meaning, not mine.  I am submitting anyway, and hope that I don't get kicked out by the amazing participants who write for this site.  Thank you in advance. 


Jeanie said...

I like your take on the prompt....such sweet memories of the early days of being a new mother.

Trifecta said...

Thanks for linking up with us for our 99 special! What a lovely write and a joy to read. Don't forget to come back and vote!

Kir said...

Yes! Oh babies are indeed a gift and a miracle. I am reminded every day of that.

This poem was just eloquent and sweet. Such a lovely use of 99 words.

JannaTWrites said...

This is so sweet. There is something about a new baby that touches the soul.

Anonymous said...

This was lovely. It reminded me of middle-of-the-night nursing sessions, about which I always grumbled and complained, but secretly loved.

kymm said...


Juli said...

This is perfect

Ivy (Mommy Dourest) said...

Oh, what a sweet tribute! Very lovely. :)

Atreyee said...

Perfection!Loved the sing song voice -almost like a lullaby and the attached picture is so sweet!

Jenny said...


So sublime.

Peaceful and lovely.

Thank you for touching my heart!