Sunday, February 10, 2013

Squirrel Hunt Sundays

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Hi, I'm Tootsie, and I'm from Chicago (not originally, but for now I am)!  Just because we get some colder weather up here doesn't mean we can't go on a squirrel hunt!

I know you are here little Sammy Squirrel!  I can smell you a mile away!  You can run, but you can't hide from this extra-powerful, high efficiency nose of mine!

Are you hiding in the fake berries?

Did you just run behind that bush?

You're making me crazy!  Come on out and play with me!

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Unknown Mami  


Jeanie said...

Very cute pics of Tootsie on a squirrel hunt. We have a squirrel that taunts Dodger from the top of the'd think Dodger would figure out he is never going to catch the squirrel after so many tries.

Karen S. said...

So adorable, come out, come out where ever you and before I have to go back inside!!!

Unknown Mami said...

Lovely squirrel hunter.

beatrice De said...

Noir et blanc, un joli contraste.
Un petit coucou de Lausanne en Suisse.