Sunday, May 6, 2012

And Where Have You Been?????

Oh boy, guess I have some splainin' to do. I've been away, but haven't gone far. My timetable has just changed a bit. Stress will do that to ya!

I'm moving to Chicago in June. I'm leaving my job, my friends, and my daily routine. This made me mad at first. Then I spent the weekend in Chicago with my H and fell in love...with the city...I'm already in love with my H! I was determined to help get the kids settled in their new abodes before I left. By last Monday, it looked like it was all falling into place. No. 1 son has already been out for several years. No. 2 son is going to be hall monitor and oversee the mansion while we decide whether to rent or buy. We will rent for a while and then make a decision. No.2 daughter has been out for a month, and is flourishing. I don't want to know the who, what, when or why of her long as she calls me once a week! No.1 daughter moved out this past week and is still moving out. I'd like to give you an example of how different two sisters can be, although that's nothing new to you!

No. 2 Daughter Before:

No. 1 Daughter Before

I also changed my eating habits recently, which as most of you know, can be a little wanting to strangle people, animals and vending machines! It's amazing how a few minor changes can make such a difference in ones life! I'm now over the "strangling" hump and moving into the "don't touch my special food" stage.

I'm actually smiling at life these days...even the days that aren't so pulling off "lord knows what" from the walls and carpet belonging to daughter no.1!

No. 1 Daughter After

No. 2 Daughter After

The basement is my next big adventure! Once Memorial Day has come and gone, I'm putting on the armour and going to battle (unless I decide to procrastinate a little longer)! I will put on a pot of coffee and will welcome anyone who is looking for a good join me in the abyss I call the "lower level" of my house! Daughter no.1 has taken much of what has been tightly packed away for 15 years, so my job will be a little easier come the end of the month when, I think...she may be completely out!

Thanks for allowing me to ramble on! I wish the best to you and your families as we continue to enjoy the spring and all the beauty (except for the frackin' heat in STL) it brings to all of us!


Jeanie said...

It sounds like your plate is very full....that is the plate of life, not your dinner plate, which I promise not to touch.
Interesting about daughters-my oldest was the tidy one growing up, and is "less so" now. my younger daughter was very messy growing up and is now almost a neat freak.
You are going to love Chicago.

Karen S. said...

Oh how exciting for you! I have missed seeing you posting! But happy for your move! I love Chicago, and really it's big, but you can tour it all so well...everything is just close together and reachable especially with all their public transportation! Yes! My header photo I had (forever) finally replaced was taken at the Navy Pier! I grew up in Michigan and Chicago is where we spent our 6th grade big field I've been going there as often as I can! You will all love it! Welcome back!

Betty WSch. said...

What a big move!! That must really be so stressful, and to leave your kids too. I wish you well and loved reading this update. Please let us know how things go with the move and how you settle in.
P.S. My daughters rooms would look exactly like yours! They are both so different too!

Nezzy said...

I gutted Geek Son's room when he left home and turned it into the cutest B&B style guestroom ever.

Ya should of heard the cries when he visited after I did this, "WHAT DID YA DO TO MY ROOM???"

Guess they think we'll turn it into their shrine or somethin'!!! Heeehehehe!

You've sure been hard at work there. I can't wait to see what ya do in the windy city!

God bless and have an amazin' day sweetie!!! :o)

Lora said...

my goodness that is a lot of change blowing your way! If Chicago is half as amazing as the people I know who live there say it is, you are going to love it and it will love you back!

Chris H said...

As you know, I have three sons/three daughters... and they ALL have rooms like your Number 2 daughter!
I hope we get to see lots of your new city!