Monday, April 9, 2012

SC - Noexcuses - Puleeze!

Once again, it is that wonderful time on Saturday, where very early in the morning, Jenny Matlock releases her venom through challenging writing assignments. She calls it Saturday Centus! This week, Jenny provided us with the above picture, the prompt "in your Easter bonnet" and instructed us to write something using only 25 words. I have a hard time sticking to 100 words, so I consider this a milestone for me! It's me...but this is what the picture said to me!

Puleeze! This holiday, Miss Cathy Crafty designed a ridiculous head piece that made me the laughing stock of the neighborhood! I say "in your Easter Bonnet!

Thanks for stopping by. Please click on Jenny's logo below to see some of the other short reads my classmates entered.

Hope all the sugar from this weekend is out of your system by now. I'm still feeling a little antsy...

Jenny Matlock


Jeanie said...

All I would have been able to come up with would be saying "ha" 25 times. Poor little doggy. You did a great job.

Unknown Mami said...

Too funny. Poor little silly looking dog.

Nezzy said...

Heeehehehe, I saw ya out and about today and wanted to drop in and check on ya.

God bless and have a blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!! :O)

Jenny said...

I'm so glad the Chihuahua rescue society didn't come after me for this picture.

This is not my dog, no dogs were hurt in the making of this picture...and I would NEVER, EVER do this to Oskie, the weiner dog.

Probably because he would eat the costume.


Cute link for a hard picture prompt!