Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ten Seconds of Paradise

For those who might not know, I work at a middle school as a secretary in the Guidance Office. One of the 3,000 jobs that I perform each day is to collect attendance slips from the Physical Education Department. Almost all of the teachers in the school take attendance by computer, but the PE Teachers are either in the gym, on the track, or out on the soccer fields, and they are not allowed to use their sophisticated cell phones to take roll. There is a small, black mailbox in the gym where the attendance slips are deposited at the beginning of each class, once roll has been taken. My job is to pick up those slips while I am out on one of my “delivery” runs, and return them to the office. It takes me just about ten seconds from opening the gym door and grabbing the slips, to closing the gym door.

I love to see the kiddos decked out in their gym clothes, in row formations, while they warm up their muscles in preparation of whatever fun (or not fun) activity the teachers have planned. It has been my experience that just about all PE teachers have either a really great sense of humor, or a really sick one. The PE teachers at my school are hilarious, with constant banter and playfulness. They always crack me up with their one-liners!

For years and years, our PE uniforms have been the colors of blue, gray and gold, with the school name on the shirts and shorts. Our beloved PE teachers decided they would impart some of their humor on new PE uniforms. Two of the three grades have their own color of t-shirts (neon green and neon orange). The backs of the t-shirts read: “CMS + PE = Paradise". They answer their Nextel phones "Welcome to Paradise!" which still catches me off-guard.

I just can’t stop smiling when I see the shirts as I am reminded how fun it must be every day in gym class, knowing it is a little slice of paradise…for someone! My ten seconds of paradise are the best seconds of my day!

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Jenny Matlock

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Karen S. said...

What a delightful post! SomeThing Tells me that these students are very proud of their school and themselves....a great way to be! Smiles! Karen

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

A sense of humor is a wondrous thing!

Naperville Now said...

Thanks for stopping by -- good luck in the move (and no need to stop on I-55, unless you need an ashtray!)

Jeanie said...

I think that if I were a gym teacher I would have to have a good sense of humor :)
I like that you can get those few seconds of joy each day by visiting their domain.

anitamombanita said...

What would we do? how would we survive without a sense of humor?

jeannette said...

Humor for a PE teacher at a middle school makes life so much easier! (for both teacher and students:)) Have a smooth move!

beckyp said...

I dont remember any of my PE teachers having a sense of humor

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I think it takes a sense of humor to be a teacher in today's world- and also a lot of prayer. Have a great Easter weekend!

Jenny said...

I remember PE class quite well.

And there's no way I could ever use the word Paradise in conjunction with it.


But that could really just be cuz I am not very athletic and pretty much of a klutz most the time.

I love the idea of you opening the mailbox! I could just see that in my head!

Thanks for a terrific link to the letter "T".