Saturday, November 28, 2009

Out With The Pumpkins and In With The Snowmen!

At least I waited two days to start decorating! It's crazy that Christmas decorations in stores were out the day after Halloween! Our local jeweler had their snowflake lights up at the same time! Give us a break!

I don't know about you, but I have a system. I decorate one room at a time (that's how I store the decorations - is that anal enough for you?) - and as I empty the contents of one box, I put all the stuff that was already in the room...into the box. I have to do it this way because I will forget where I put anything and everything!

We would always use decorations in excess for the kids as they were growing up. Well, the youngest is almost 17, so I guess I can hold back on the school made decorations from grades 1-6. (I still put up at least one ornament from each that they made in school!) I'm also a saver...I just can't let the homemade decs go!

If I had my act together I would take some pictures and include them for you to see. Oh well, another post. The planets must be aligned for me to get my act together.

Well, the living room is done! Now it's time for an eight hour break. If I'm lucky, and I get started at the crack of dawn, I just might get a room or two done by sundown tomorrow!

Happy decorating! If you are not decorating, just dust and's a great feeling to know that the bugs are all in one place - the Orek bag!

Check back soon and I'll let you know what I'm doing with all the leftover pumpkins!


Jeanie said...

Your plan seems like a good one. It's amazing how much Christmas stuff we can collect after years of raising kids. I still have decorations they made in grade school that go on the tree, along with ornaments left from my parents from during WWII. I love seeing it all again once a year.

Coffee Bean said...

I got all the fall stuff packed. I pulled out some of the Christmas stuff. The outside is decorated. I only put lights on our porch so it is easy. I'm not really feeling it this year. I need to get it done though because I host a women's bible study at my house on Wednesday mornings and I'd like to be done before then.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I so appreciate them!

And do show us all some pictures! I love to see how other people decorate for Christmas.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your picture made me smile.

Glad you're in the holiday spirit. I rely on everyone else's decorations and do very little in our home. But I love looking at the lights and window directions in stores.

Can't wait to see your pics!


Chris H said...

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