Thursday, September 20, 2012

R is for Rap, Rapping and Rap Battles!

Welcome to this week's "R" assignment from Alphabe-Thursday, a weekly writing challenge from Jenny Matlock of Off On My Tangent.  I've chosen to expound my views on Rap!  Enjoy!

Let's face it...I'm old! That's okay, we're all going to be here one day; it might as well be now, for me!  Being this age does have a benefit!  I've been blessed to experience many years of music. I love music, and always have.  Although I'm not a huge fan of every genre, if it's got a good dance beat, I'm in!

There's a large piece of today's music that is somewhat foreign to me...Rap.  I respect it, the artists and the opportunity for artists to make a living doing what they love.  What makes me feel so that I don't get it!  Maybe it's the presentation, and the words that are used to express the artist's message.  Maybe it's the speed at which the words are sung or spoken. I'm not moving, thinking or speaking as fast these days!  (Personally, I like moving a little slower...I get to enjoy the great moments a little longer!)  What is incredible about Rap is that it has no barriers.  Anyone with the desire to participate, make a statement and be entertaining is welcomed, regardless of socio-economic, religious and life experience backgrounds. 

Here's what I found online (and you know you can believe it if it came from the net): Rap is a primary ingredient in hip hop, reggae and alternative rock music, and can be delivered in the form of speech, prose, poetry and song (among other forms of communication). I like Rap that is accompanied by gives it more depth (for me), and sometimes, I can dance to it!

Some of today's artists got their start doing stand-up Rap Battles.  These are improve-type performances where two rappers compete with each other for the best wit, biggest laughs, or dirtiest slams!  They each present themselves first, projecting grandiose self-descriptions and move on with generic insults about their competitor.  Then, the improve part explodes and their art is verbally hurled towards each other and anyone standing within 10 feet. At the end of the performance, the audience decides the winner by the loudest whoops! Sounds like fun, doesn't it? 

Please allow me to introduce you to my number one son, formerly known as "Hero", and currently known as "Bone Man." He raps, he produces, he films, he edits, he organizes, he supports, and, he gives back.  More of him will come when we get to Miss Jenny's Letter "B".  He's really handsome underneath the mask, but it's the mask that makes him do what he does best! 

In order to be my best and remain in the game, I need to stay open, whether it be with music, or personal experience. I need to appreciate all of the efforts and gestures from those around me. Staying open also helps me find opportunities to share with others. One never knows how the smallest act of kindness may just be the thing that pulls someone back from the edge.

Thanks for stopping by today and reading my assignment.  Please take the bus over to Miss Jenny's classroom by clicking on the logo below where you will be enlightened and entertained by my fellow classmates!

Jenny Matlock


Judie said...

You're not old, Liz. I am old. And while I can do without some of the words in Rap, I happen to love the beat. Oh, yes! Rod and my children are SHOCKED. But there you have it!!!

Annesphamily said...

Music is good for the soul! I love music and have always kept up with it. Because we have a large phamily I have kept current with all the variety of music out there! Great post and nice tribute to the kid!

Jenny said...

I love the beat of rap.

I just am not a big fan of all the violent lyrics.

I heard a rap artist the other week on the radio...I think it was some kind of pop rap sound...

...and I liked it a lot!

Thanks for a really rhthmic link to the letter "R" this week.