Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Used To Be....

I'd like to introduce you to a blogger friend who inspired me to write this post about the jobs I've held in the past decades of my life.  During the past week, Jeanie, at Living Consciously, shared her "job" history in a post.  I found it fascinating to read and I loved learning new things about someone whom I admire so much.  She has inspired others to do the same, just as I would like to put out a challenge to you.  I think it shows a different side to oneself, and reminds us of just how far we have come.

My very first job, other than babysitting, was sweeping the floors and cleaning the stations at a beauty salon. It was summer, I was 15, and I thought it was so cool to have a job that didn't involve children.  In my senior year of high school, I began working at Knott's Berry Farm, an historical/amusement park, where I was an ice cream scooper.  Yes, you know what I ate on my breaks!  While earning my Associate Degree in Secretarial Science (yep, that's what it was called) I began working in the credit department for Sears.  I was one of about 50 people who took phone calls from retail associates when the credit cards wouldn't work.  Upon graduation, I was hired by a law firm in Newport Beach, California as a Legal Secretary Trainee.  It was a dream job, in a dream city!  All I needed was a dream apartment to go with it all.  I got the apartment in a smaller town next to the dream city, and all was well.

As I gained experience, I moved through several legal secretarial jobs ending up in Los Angeles, where I studied acting in my spare time.  The acting school provided a few opportunities for work on a small scale...just enough to get addicted...I was very fortunate to get a few "extra" parts.  I realized that "in front of " the camera was not exactly working for me, and thought about "behind the camera" opportunities.  While employed at The Getty Trust, I became inspired by two women for whom I worked to return to school to obtain an undergraduate degree.  I returned to college, majoring in Communications (Radio,TV and Film).  It was there that I realized how much I loved to write.  As I was closing in on my last year of school, I heard the tic-toc of my biological clock.  My husband and I knew that we wanted children. The university wasn't going anywhere and there is no age limit to be a college graduate.  I took a break...for about 15 years, to bear some fruit...four of them!  To help with losing the baby weight, I taught aerobics at a Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum! 

When my girls were in preschool, I volunteered to help out in the classroom and found a new love!  An opportunity for a teacher assistant position became available at the preschool, and upon encouragement from a neighbor who happened to be my daughter's teacher, I applied and got the job.  During this time, I also substituted for teachers who were going to be out.  This was my new "dream" job!  However, age was beginning to catch up with me, and carrying extra weight was taking it's toll on my body. I found I needed to step away.  My love for children was still very strong, so I applied for an office position (photocopy lady) at the middle school close to the house.  I advanced to school receptionist and then Guidance secretary.  Middle school is a quirky, geeky, still somewhat innocent age that I love.  Every day was a new adventure for me!  It was in this job that I was given the opportunity to use my writing skills, and this is when I discovered blogging.   A move to a new city brought me to my current position in the wonderful world of retail.  I'm thinking of writing (I'm sure it's been done a million times) about my adventures in retail, and the diverse group of individuals with whom I work, and the customers with whom I connect every day! I'm enjoying my job as I can schedule most of my own shifts and have free time when I want it. 

I still have the dream of finishing that degree.  I will accomplish it. It's a bucket list thing...  How about you?  I would love to hear your "job" story!  Please click on the blog site above to visit Jeanie.  Say hello from me when you do!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Jeanie said...

I am so glad you wrote this. It was very fun to read about all the things you have done and the things you aspire to do. It sounds like you have been very enthusiastic about all the new adventures you undertake. I bet that book about your retail adventures would be a fun one....maybe you can get it started by writing a post or two about the characters you encounter each day.

nancygrayce said...

What a great challenge! You have has some interesting jobs and how great to try acting!

A friend recently challenged me to write things about who I am and who I'm not. I think who I'm not will be much easier than who I am!

Sharon (Cook) Leaf said...

Did the little town next to Newport Beach happen to be Huntington Beach? I lived there for eight years and loved the beachy atmosphere. I also worked in Los Angeles and I love to dabble in acting. We have a lot in common but I want to end with: you shall get that degree! I was sixty when I received a degree in Theology. My motto is, "It's never too late!" You go, girl!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm a big Jeanie Fan and I remember her post on this subject.

I've always wanted to get my degree and have yet to accomplish that goal. Always seems like something else comes up. Now I'm retired and I can't justify the expense.

Thanks for doing this, I might give it a try too.


Jenny said...

Oh. Neat. Neat!

I loved reading all of this!

It's amazing how our experiences weave into the fabric of our lives to make us interesting and creative!


Linda O'Connell said...

Fascinating! I think I'll follow suit and do the same on my blog. You have had some interesting experiences and I can bet that you could fill a book with retail characters/customers.