Friday, March 13, 2015

Thawed Fragments!

It's going to be 60 degrees today!  Yippee!  As a SoCal girl, that used to mean, get out the coat, there's going to be chilly days ahead!  Now that I'm a MidWest girl, it  means, put away the coat and get out the flip flops!  What a difference a few miles can make!

I'm so happy to be here at Friday Fragments, a safe place to come and visit, and share my exciting experiences of the week.  I went to work, had lunch at work, came home, had dinner, went to bed.  Another exciting week to report! weekends are full of fun with new places and people to experience!

After three years of living with roommates, my oldest daughter decided to go solo.  I helped her unpack and watched her blossom as an adult as she "downsized" her stuff (some of that stuff being stuff that I let go of last year).  She is on her way!  Next month, my younger daughter will do the same.  She will go solo, and start fresh as her own person.  I am thrilled for the possibilities she will experience with this change.

I took a leap of faith and submitted a piece of writing about Motherhood to our local chapter of Listen To Your Mother.  This is a great organization that calls on women and men who have stories about themselves, their mothers, their sisters, etc. and the comedy or tragedy experienced in their lives.  LTYM is a forum for sharing and receiving life experiences that make us appreciate mothers everywhere.  I was thrilled that my piece got me to an audition for the show.  The writing talent in Chicago is massive and I felt honored that someone liked my story.  I didn't make it to the show, but just having the opportunity to read my story meant the world to me.  There are shows being cast all over the country, and I highly recommend attending one in your area.  You will be moved as you listen and relate to almost everything you hear.

Tomorrow, we will take the Tootsie to one of the fantastic public parks that our town has to offer.  The snow has almost completely melted and we all are excited to "get out" and rejoin the human race again! I hope you are able to do something fun and exciting and tasty this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by today.  Please visit Friday Fragments by and see what is going on with the many friends of Mrs4444 at Half-Past Kissin Time!


Karen S. said...

Your photo is so refreshing, spring has sprung. Enjoy your good weather and weekend!

Karen and Gerard said...

Your week sounds like mine--but then the weekend was totally different. I like the picture of your dog. Bet Tootsie is happy to be outside in warmer weather again.

bill lisleman said...

I never heard of LTYM - I'll check it out thanks

Mrs4444 said...

What an adorable dog! Congratulations on getting through to the auditions of LTYM. Have you attended as an audience member? I have not but am curious.

Spring FINALLY arrived here in the Green Bay area this weekend. Our sap buckets were barely doing anything last week, but today I had to empty them twice!

Thanks for linking up; it was great hearing from you :)