Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bubble Run Chicago Style!

Well, this old dog has learned something new!  Bubble Run is a 5k race held all over the country (and probably in other countries, as well) with incredibly happy results!  It's not your typical 5k with professional looking runners decked out in expensive active wear, but more of a "Let's have a party here" event.  Please click here to watch a YouTube video about the event that is for the whole family and supports charities everywhere! 

The only requirements to participate are the following:

Rule 1:  All levels of runners, walkers, twirlers, dancers and strollers are welcome.

Rule 2: Wear white. That way, your appearance at the finish will be even more pronounced.

Rule 3: Enjoy being a kid again. 

At the end of each kilometer, stands a colorful foam bog (a little like the foam bog that washes cars) that showers the runners with colored foam.  Hence, the requirement to wear white... Each foam bog is a difference color, and by the end of the race, voila!  You are a rainbow!  What if you should accidentally “taste" the foam? It doesn't taste as great as it is fun, but not to worry. The foam is 100% safe.

The awesome thing about Bubble Run is that it is not a typical 5k race!  There is nothing competitive about Bubble Run other than seeing who has the most color on them after the race! There’s no timing, no timing clock and no placement awards. Just a great excuse to come out and have fun with your friends, family and kids while doing something healthy! And the event doesn't end at the finish line of the race.  There is more dancing, jamming and free stuff while you get ready for ANOTHER dose of extra foam! You then can strut, or just observe as everyone celebrates.  It's a very happy place to be so why don't you try it?

Yesterday in Joliet, Illinois, Bubble Run was experienced by old and new faces alike.  A good friend of mine, along with many of her friends, kids and friends of kids, took part in this run because it was a great thing to do on a rainy, Saturday morning.  United Way was the charity the Run paired up with, and the rest was pure fun and frivolity!  

Please check out the Bubble Run website and see when your city will be hosting their own day of frenzy-ness and fun!  

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I'm originally from California and St. Louis, MO, but now I am from Chicago!  Welcome to my city! 


Chris H said...

What fun!

Claudya Martinez said...

Now, that looks like my kind of a run!