Friday, June 26, 2015

First Fragment with a Star

Thank you Traci, from A Star in My Own Universe, for taking over Friday Fragments, a very happy place for us to go weekly to share bits of our lives. We also get to read about the bits of the lives of other friends.  It's always a fun place to go for me, and a great exercise in mental health to express the joys I have been blessed with over the week.

We had the most exquisite rainbow this week in Chicago.  My picture does not come close to the impact I felt as I embraced it.  It was the biggest rainbow I had ever big, that I couldn't capture it all in one shot.  I came upon it a few minutes too late to shoot both ends of it, but the part that I was able to capture speaks for itself.  I found a little chuckle in the fact that it either began, or ended behind our local bowling alley.  I have a friend who has won many accolades in the sport, and I have come to respect all who participate.  It's not a wussy's a skilled sport that must be practiced and performed.  What I love it about bowling is the immediate gratification of accomplishment...for me that would be anything that isn't a gutter ball!  

Thank you for allowing me to share this week.  I look forward to reading and reconnecting with others who visit.

Thank you again Traci, and I wish you the best in this wonderful adventure!

Thanks for stopping by today!


bill lisleman said...

rainbows are often the best part of a storm.
Most of my bowling took place as a teen. I even signed up for a bowling class in college - easiest class ever. I was reminded of my age a few years ago when I went bowling again with grandkids. I could believe how sore my shoulders were afterwards.
Good to see/read FF postings still going.

Mary said...

I love rainbows! funny about it being behind the bowling alley.

StarTraci said...

Thanks for sticking with me! FF has always been a favorite and I hated to see it go. That rainbow really is glorious!
See you next week!