Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Night at Jerry's - Wicker Park (Sundays In My City)

It's Friday night in there's not a whole lot going on...every single corner of every street within a 20 mile radius of the City.  But in the small little neighborhood of Wicker Park, there is a little sandwich shop/bar/entertainment venue called Jerry's that we had the pleasure to explore.  Theses restaurant/bar/venues line the streets of these wonderful small neighborhoods and provide much needed entertainment for the locals, as well as, the suburbanites who dare to step outside of their comfort zones.

We began our adventure this past Friday, at 8:00pm...(our normal "let's get into our jammies and watch some TV" evening) by weathering the interstate (one of many - which are usually always under construction) that would bring us to Wicker Park, just north of Downtown Chicago.  Why, you ask?  Well, it just so happens that Jerry's is a proud supporter of the artistic expression of Rap Battles and my Firstborn was going to perform.  Many a Battle has gone down at Jerry's with winners and losers and new-formed friendships while rekindling the old.  These Battles are what I consider the closest thing to Stand Up Comedy, but in pairs...and in competition with each other.  It's just not who can be the funniest, but who can be funny, witty, critical, sarcastic and sometimes caustic and deliver it all in the language of Rap.  I have to laugh because it is not far from what is going on with our recent political debates.  Rap Battling does not need a moderator, however, except for introductions.  Each Battler has three opportunities to perform what they have prepared.  They battle, then are judged, and winners are announced later.

The Battlers all have stage names to identify them...names that have a personal connection to their lifestyle or life interest.  My son is called "The Boneman," possibly for his love of archeology or maybe because it gives him a plethora of material to use as he prepares for his battles.  We send him anything "bone" related that comes our way, with the hope that he may be able to use it at some point. (I especially love anything "Dia de los Muertos" as there are always skulls, bones and death-stuff involved!)

Here is the evolution of The Boneman over the last eight years....started out a little rough, but over time, and some creative tweaking...he has come into his own!



2015 to Present
Don't be creeped out.  He's a big teddy bear and the nicest, most thoughtful young man...which is totally opposite of his Boneman character!  He currently battles in the Midwest, but has plans to branch out to far-away exotic places like Florida, California and possibly even Canada!  I'll send you postcards!

Here's the group from Friday.  This is what a typical battle looks like.  Everyone stands around the two battlers and reacts to their raps.  It's sort of like "standing theatre in the round" in an intimate-kind of way.  The battlers show each other respect by greeting each other before the battle and shaking hands afterwards. 

I brought cupcakes...because it was Boneman's birthday...and because I'm a good mom!  He shared them with the other battlers after the show! 

I live in Chicago, Illinois!  Welcome to my city!

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Dorothy said...

I have never been to a rap battle (but I've seen bits of them on tv or internet clips) or spent time in Chicago. Thanks for sharing!