Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Happy Place

This is my most favorite place to be...THE BEACH!  I was so blessed to grow up in Southern California where a trip to the beach was always 30 minutes away!  As a child, my summers were spent squeezing as many neighborhood kids we could into my parents' station wagon (mini-vans were not yet invented) and making the trip down Beach Boulevard from Buena Park to Huntington Beach. Everyone had to carry something from the car to the sand so that all our stuff made it in one trip!  

The beach always held something magical for me.  I never had a bad day at the beach...well maybe once...but all the great times overshadowed that "one" bad time.  I had an argument with a plastic raft and it flipped me over so that I rode the wave "under" the raft and not on top of it.  As the wave brought me to the sand, it brushed me over a bunch of shells...a bunch of "oh doesn't that feel good now" shells!  I survived, but it took me a long time to go back into the water after that. 

I remember the beach was always sunny.  There was always a gentle breeze.  There was always the smell of the sea in the air and in my hair and on my body (along with the sunblock) and then sand all over my feet and inside of my bathing suit and I always had to wash myself off on the patio when I got home!  I didn't care!  I LOVED THE BEACH! 

As I grew older and had a driver's license, I didn't have to wait for mom to drive me to the beach.  I could drive myself...and I did...really want to.  Before school, during school and after school....I would dare myself to take that car and GO!  But I never did! I ditched school once in my entire high school life and do you think I went to the Beach?  No, I hung around so I could get caught!  But I made up for it in college...and I still graduated.  

I have the most wonderful childhood memories of summers at the beach.  As well, I have many wonderful memories as a young adult where I could go and be alone with my thoughts as I listened to the waves and inhaled the familiar smells.  When my children were born, we took them as often as we could.  When we moved to the mid west, I though I wouldn't survive.  There are no beaches in the mid west...there are places that call themselves beaches, with tiny little ripples they call waves...but they are not the beaches of Southern California!   

On our visits home, and after the plane lands and we've hit the closest In-N-Out, we head for the beach. We all become 10 years old again and we welcome the magic of the Beach with open arms!  

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Carol said...

Your vivid descriptions... the smell of sea salt, the feel of sand in your toes and the gentle breeze had me at the beach for a few minutes. I did not grow up near a beach, but when I visit a beach it is very special. All those things you described does something very good for the soul. And, I love the symbol of the light house with it. The beach is a awe-inspiring wonder! Loved your post.

John Holton said...

I know how feel. I grew up in Chicago about five blocks from the beach. We could walk there. Even better, my grandparents lived so close their back yard was the beach.

A few years ago, I was in Southern California, and one afternoon I had nothing to do, so I walked from Santa Monica down to Venice along the beach. Didn't quite make it as far as Huntington Beach, though. The ocean is gorgeous.

Kim said...

The Midwest has water, but it's not the same as going to the beach at all. I loved to listen to the waves beating along the shore. Its constancy helped me to see that the world kept moving (and the waves) even when I thought my own world was a mess.

I lived in San Diego country, lots of great beaches there. And I loved In and Out!

May said...

I have only experienced the Atlantic, not the Pacific. Someday! You make a good argument for making that trip!

Lori said...

Lovely story. I love the beach too. There's nothing like the sound of the ocean to ground you. Matter of fact, this year for our family trip we're going to the beach (San Diego) instead of camping. Can't wait!

Jennifer said...

I love the beach as well. Though here in Maine our waters are cold. However, still a wonderful place to spend a warm summer day with family. Your description of time at the beach is beautiful. <3

Chris H said...

My happy place is the beach too... or anywhere near water. Lake/river/stream/sea.