Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are You Ready For Round II?

Just when you think it is safe to stay in your jammies all day.... along comes the New Year celebrations. Are we going out? Are they coming here? Do I have to clean? What kind of food should we serve? Should I make another batch of chocolate chip cookies? How about fudge? STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

By keeping up my decorations, I avoid having to clean as much..."I'm going to save the dusting and vacuuming until all the decs are down!" Does that one work in your house? May I suggest that you don't cook anything; use what you have, or buy something already made. Make it as easy as possible for yourself because you are going to need the energy to make decisions, get everyone ready, rent the movies, memorize the football game schedules, shag beers for your spouse, make nice with relatives and/or friends of your spouse, break up fights and finally, eat your way into oblivion! Or not......

Let's just take a moment and think about what is important. It might be the house, it might be entertaining, or it might be placating the kids who are still on their sugar highs from last week. It could also be the fact that we need to pat ourselves on the back for surviving another year, another season and possibly another 24 hours without duct taping to a chair, someone whose been continuously pushing our buttons.

What is important to me is thanking the guy upstairs that my fingers can still type; that for today, I can breathe, see, hear, and "move about the cabin" with relatively little effort; that my children are asleep somewhere in the house, and not laying in a hospital bed getting poked and otherwise abused with procedures to keep them alive; that, although I miss my parents and good friends that have been taken from this earth, I feel confident they are safe, warm and very happy; and, that at the end of the day, I can feel good about something that I tried to do to bring a smile to someone's face.

Oh, and thanks, God, for helping me get one pound closer to my weight-loss goal!!

Wishing you success, prosperity and happiness in the year 2009! God Bless you.


Rick said...

Thank God for every pound. Hey, I just stopped by to tell you about the annual giveaway that I've started. I'd be honored if you would pop over and sign up for a chance to win.

Rick said...

Very funny. I thought your name was "No Excuses?" No, you haven't wrecked your chance to win. But you ain't helped it either. Good luck!!!

Chris H said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Chick! Ignore Rick, I'm winning his doodle! lol