Thursday, July 9, 2009

Collections - Part Two

In a former post, I talked about the collections I had as a child. I’m not sure anyone would be interested in collections I had during my teen years. It might appear that I had a stalking problem while in high school… (a post for another day), and I’m not sure how long the statute of limitations is for stalking in California.

One summer, I volunteered to lead about a dozen 3rd grade girls at a day camp. “Movies” was the theme of the camp. Since my first choice of “Fly Away” was already taken, I chose to use the movie, “Ferngully,” because it had fairies in it. I have long been mesmerized by movies and books about fairies. I don’t have everything that was ever made, but I have collected a ton of fairy stuff. And, here was my big chance to show off my acting skills by becoming a real-live fairy. When I couldn’t find a fairy costume in my “womanly” size, I had to get creative. That’s all I’m going to say, and no, there are no pictures of me while at this day camp!

My “Mother Fairy” duties included planning a daily craft, snack, physical activities and a skit to be performed at the end of the week. We made fairy wings, magic wands, and fairy dust pouches (we had to improvise since the parks would not let us use “real” fairy dust; we substituted birdseed for the dust) . For activities throughout the week, we would visit other groups in the camp, cast spells and throw fairy dust on them. Since this was a Girl Scout camp, we snubbed any boys that had been brought as guests. We would cast bad spells on them every day. All the nice girls received good spells, and the stuck-up girls got the same spells as the boys!

On one of the days, we made a “walking snack” which is a “to go” snack that can be carried while hiking. We cut into very small pieces some carrots, celery and grapes. Then we put them on a leaf of lettuce and rolled it up. This yummy delicacy also served as “breadcrumbs” on the hiking path by the veggie haters and un-coordinated (I speak for myself) who could not, or did not want to, keep the lettuce leaf closed. Needless to say, we had some very astute young ladies and we never once lost our way home.

While on the hike, we eagerly looked for fairy nests within the flora. I told the girls that nests could be anywhere “except” for the plants that had three leaves…I didn’t want phone calls from moms yelling at me for exposing their daughters to dangerous shrubbery. The girls, as well as I, were extremely disappointed that we did not find any fairy abodes. I had to make up some lame excuse that fairies were scared of large groups of humans. The girls bought it.

For the skit, we learned a song and dance where the girls used their wands to cast spells, threw fairy dust at the audience and showed off their wings. Being the dance teacher that I am (not), I stood in the back and mirrored the steps and mouthed the words for the girls. The other leaders delighted in watching me as I made a complete fool of myself, but I was so “into” being the Mother Fairy I hardly noticed them until the roar of applause and whoops and hollers were heard at the end of the skit. All of the leaders were looking me, and not the girls! I couldn’t find a rock big enough to crawl under!

In all, it was a lot of work, but it was probably one of the best camping experiences I have ever had. These girls are now 16 years old, and I pray that any memories from that week of day camp have either disappeared, or are locked inside of some psychiatrist’s safe.

I do believe, I do believe!!!

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