Friday, July 10, 2009

Fighting City Hall

Ahhhh, I love to hear about the joys of fighting “City Hall!” Need I say more? How many times have we attempted to right a wrong, complain about bad service (or no service) or make suggestions for improvement?

Well, I doubt if “City Hall” really wants to hear how they can improve. They believe that they are already a well-oiled machine and need no improvement in any area!

Here are a few comments, complaints and/or sarcastic remarks about some of the things that bother me:

1. Let’s double property taxes to give owners the illusion that they live in a classy neighborhood. It doesn’t matter whether or not they can afford it.

2. Eminent Domain keeps the neighborhood looking spiffy, and paves the way for new revenue for elected officials.

3. First-time offenders for minor infractions should have the book thrown at them. Examples must be set to keep order in society.

4. Elected (and appointed) officials shall determine recess of sessions if they are not getting their way. Sessions shall resume when the outcome is more to their liking.

5. Health insurance companies know best when it comes to coverage. They provide for exams to obtain a diagnosis, but then deny claims for treatment. (Some pay for an eye exam, but not for the glasses that are prescribed.)

6. Many attorneys know to what we are entitled, even if we don’t. They can acquire money for us (and themselves) for anyone’s mistake, regardless of the circumstances.

7. Individuals in the media tell us that it is our right to know the intimate details of victims and their circumstances, no matter how shocking the deed, or how upsetting it is to the victim. Get a life! Much of what is reported is none of our business! For instance, giving the public the address and details of a horrendous accident, murder or police standoff, is just asking for crowds to show up to watch.

8. School officials enjoy their power to render consequences to students who have made mistakes or bad choices, with no regard to the character of the student. It says in the School Code that “if you do this, then this will happen.” In a court of law, arguments, evidence and witness testimony are heard before a verdict is rendered. I guess that someone somewhere has determined that children are too young to learn about “the system” outside of school. (This is a favorite gripe of mine.)

9. Why must we desire to look like the individuals on TV, movies and magazines? We must purchase products or services that remove our wrinkles, cellulite and veins. We must also purchase enhancement products that promise to improve our sex life. Why do they keep shoving these ads for sexual intimacy down our throats while our children are nearby watching? Duh!

I am now stepping down from my soapbox…… thanks for allowing me to get a few things off my boobalicious chest!

These are some things that may or may not be possible to improve or change. If we don’t voice our concerns (in a gentle, loving way) change will never come about. I think it is important to make those with authority aware of injustices or unfair practices. They just might spend some time thinking about a better way of doing things….or maybe not.

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