Monday, August 17, 2009

The Joy Dance

The Hour of Doom is almost upon us! Today, against all natural forces, I arose from bed shortly after 5:00am. Why you ask? The dog made sure that I was awake since Mister was awake! In addition, it was a trial run to see if I could withstand what will be the daily routine for the next nine months!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for us and my workday begins at 7:00am. In order to time my coffee/cereal/shower/magical transformation into something that resembles a human being, around the coffee/shower/transformation of my significant other, I need at least one hour and 45 minutes (the 45 minutes is for getting ready... the one hour is for when I fall back asleep).

I'm eager to get back into a work routine. It sets me up to become more organized and make better use of my time away from work. "Crash, bang, grunt & giggle." What was that noise, you ask? It was me falling out of my chair laughing! Organization is not part of my personality... it's what I dream about, but have not yet been able to attain. I do not give up hope, however. This might just be the year that I finally get it right. "Crash, bang, grunt & giggle, ouch!"

I've signed all the high school papers where I promise to take responsibility for any damage caused by the tornadic whirlwinds I call my daughters. I pray for patience, tolerance and understanding by all of their teachers and school personnel. The Principal and I each have one of those "red" hotline phones that rings when one of us picks up the receiver. Time is precious these days... oh so precious! I need a few minutes to get my professional damage control team together.

I hope all of the moms and dads reading this who are doing the "oh joy, oh joy - back to school" dance can sigh with relief as the pitter patter of size 10's disappear into the mist... bless us all!

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Jeanie said...

I've now reached the stage of life when it's my grandkids instead of my kids going back to school,(lower grades, of course) but I well remember being on the wrong end of that "red" hotline phone a few times. Years ago, I wrote a weekly newspaper column and the biggest responses I ever got were to columns about the horror of school being out and the joy of school starting again. By the way, I think being organized might be highly overrated.