Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Reflections Week #11

This is a pool at the Missouri Botanical Gardens here in St. Louis, where several interesting items are reflected. You can see the clouds, the adjoining trees, visitors standing along side the pool, colorful bulbs and skinny looking human statues atop some skinny poles. Did I miss anything?

Each weekend Newtown Area Photo hosts a meme post for photographers (and non-photographers) to share pictures which show reflections of any kind. It's a great place to visit and you can spend hours clicking on other blogs to see their pictures of reflections. It's a wonderful journey into the world of photography that I love to take each weekend. There are some amazing artists out there!

I hope your weekend is colorful, sunny and filled with wonder!

P.S. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all my fellow bloggers who have sent words of support and prayers for my brother. They are working. I found out that he is now conscious and will soon breathe on his own. God Bless you all!


Anonymous said...

The reflections are far more interesting than the "originals." Great colors here.

Your deepest reflections came in the previous posting when you reflected on your brother. Brothers are special. Keep hope and always remember that life is eternal.

Sistertex said...

Really neat photo, love the colors and the reflections were great.

Jeanie said...

Your picture is beautiful and you are right that there are some amazing photos to see looking through these "reflections" posts. I glad that there has bee improvement for your brother. I know that must be a great relief for you.

Quilt Works said...

What fun photo! I like the reflections and orange floats

... "I see beauty in old and weathered"

Alix said...

Greetings from Casa Hice! Thank you so much for wandering over to my humble little blog and leaving a comment. I'm here to return the favor and I see some of my favorite people in your comments {waving to Jeanie and Joanna and Lora}. Wow. Kind of feels like a really cool party over here!

So you better believe I'll be back. Matter of fact, consider me a Follower!

PS: So happy your brother is doing better. What a relief. God really is good.

Ida said...

Playful, colorful and cool! :)

We love Luna said...

It's a beautiful reflections and your picture is perfect!
I loved all colours and light!
Happy weekend reflections, purrs and love

Betty said...

I love your reflection photo. Much to see.

Quasi Serendipita said...

Cool shot. The bulbs look like floating pumpkins!

Chris H said...

What a lovely photo.
Yaa that your brother is getting better.

mbkatc230 said...

This is a lovely reflection shot! A fun and colorful photo of what looks to be a really neat place to visit. I just finished reading your previous post about your brother, what a wonderful, heartfelt tribute. Prayers and blessings to him and his family. Kathy