Friday, January 22, 2010

Sundays in My Old Home State

Unknown Mami

Have you heard of Unknown Mami? She has a delightful blog where she shares photos of her city on Sundays. She invites the rest of us to link up with her and share some of our own city's photos. Click on the logo to visit Mami's Sundays in My City!

I live in St. Louis, Missouri, but today I welcome you to my old home state of California!

We have had somewhat crappy weather in St. Louis for the past weeks. If it's not rain, it is snow; if it's not snow, it's sunny but in the single digits. However depressing the weather has been here, it is nowhere near what my old stomping grounds have recently endured.

All of the pictures in this post were sent to me by my sister-in-law who lives in Southern California. I have been to most of the cities that are represented here. I have stood on the beach piers basking in the warm sunshine, smelling the salty air and feeling the gentle ocean breezes. I worked in one of the buildings depicted in the Downtown LA skyline.

Southern California is not commonplace for flooding, tornados and strong winds. It is a place were there are mudslides after heavy rains, due to the loss of vegetation from the seasonal wildfires of the previous fall. It also is a place where multiple award shows are held on consecutive weekends, regardless of the weather.

The Californians will rebuild, most likely in the exact same places where buildings were damaged or destroyed. The water will evaporate and the electric company will repair their fallen lines. Although there is unbelievable damage to structures, and property, not many lives were lost here.

The pictures are of nature having a temper tantrum. As bad as things look, it is nowhere near the devastation resulting from the earthquake and multiple after-shocks in Haiti. I'm sure you've seen pictures of those events, and how people from all over the world are opening their hearts and checkbooks to help the country heal. Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers.

I feel blessed to be where I am, in body and in spirit.


Frau said...

Gorgeous pictures...I love California beaches. Prayers for Haiti it's a devastating disaster.

Ocean Girl said...

Amazing that there is beauty in rage. Thank you for sharing.

Mama Zen said...

What a perfect rainbow!

Betty said...

Loved the pictures. Looks really windy, but in civilized coutry´s thing are repaired soon.

Sonya said...

WOW those are amazing photos!

Jeanie said...

Those are awesome pictures. And amen to your sentiments in regard to Haiti.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I can not even imagine experiencing all of that in a place where it is so uncommon. Very lovely images! : )

Chris H said...

I love a good storm, but not if it damages property and people.
Haiti.. yes I think of what that country has endured often. Very sad.

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Nature having a temper tantrum" is a great way to explain this week's weather in So. Cal.

AWESOME pictures!

Thanks for sharing.


newmami_rgv said...

Wow! That would be scary if you were on the other side of that wave! Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown Mami said...

I think you are right that people will probably rebuild in the same place. Maybe we should take a hint and stop building there.

Shelle said...

wonderful pictures! you should convince your sister to blog!