Friday, January 1, 2010

Writer's Workshop - The Tootsienator!

Writer's Workshop by Mama's Losin It, recently challenged writers (old and new) to pick a prompt and write about it. The challenge was made on 12/30/09. I figure I'm only 48 hours late!!! I chose the prompt that my pet wanted to guest post on my blog. I interviewed Tootsie, and this is how it went!

I’d like to introduce you to my guest blogger, Tootsie! She actually does not have a blog of her own. She has been an excellent assistant editor to me as I travel along my blogging journey. Tootsie is five years old (35 in dog years) and has a silky black coat with grey highlights. Her heritage is Highland Scottie and Basset Hound. I’m honored to have her as a guest on this blog.

Well, Tootsie, what’s it like working with noexcuses?

Every day is a little slice of heaven! I enjoy watching her bizarre behavior when she gets writers block. She gets so frustrated with herself that she starts to clean the house! When she is really stumped, she chases me around the house with the vacuum. I hate it when you do that!

Ahem…sorry! Where did you get your literary experience?

I mostly developed my talents by “getting to know” others in my league. You know, sniffing butts and such. It’s amazing how well you can become acquainted with someone by their ambiance. For instance, a “working girl” will not only have her own special scent, but the multiple scents left by all of her customers. The guys can tell right away if they have a chance with her when they learn how many of their buddies have dated her.

I actually meant “literary, as in writing,” not “literal, as in on the job experience.” That’s okay, though, your diversion was quite informative. Do you have a favorite genre?

WHAT kind of QUESTION is that? WHAT does that have to do with anything ANYWAY? I love my body, and everything that is a part of it! SHEESH!!

Oh dear. I do apologize. I meant what kinds of stories do you like to write…fiction, non-fiction, action, comedy, chick stuff?

I love action stories…you know…chasing squirrels and chipmunks, checking out new lawns on which to leave my card. Romance stories are always fun. Guy meets girl, girl gets guy, and girl takes guy to the cleaners. I also like thrillers! In one story, I’m holding down noexcuses with my incisors around her throat. I wait until her face starts turning blue and her eyes look like they are going to pop out! Then I run as fast as I can, screaming and barking with my tail going a mile a minute!

You are one sick puppy, aren’t you?

I like to think so. All my friends call me sick!

Well, Tootsie, it’s been a pleasure having you as my guest. Please let us know if you ever get your own blog going. I’m sure it will be absolutely ruffabulous!

Happy New Year everyone!


Alix said...

Tootsie is adorable... and very articulate!

Thanks so much for visiting Casa Hice and leaving such a lovely complimentary comment.

Happy New Year to you too. And keep up the awesome writing!

Jeanie said...

I like Tootsie's syle, very honest and forthcoming. I hope we hear more from her in the future...I'm sure she has a lot left to say.

Coffee Bean said...

I think I'm in love with Tootsie! What an adorable dog!!!

Happy New Year to YOU!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

She is too cute...Happy New Year.

Kim said...

Love Tootsie's answers. I've always wondered what the dogs think about everything!

Barb said...

That was really funny and entertaining. Thanks.