Sunday, June 26, 2011

Centus 60th Week Celebration - Oh John!

Welcome to last Saturday's Centus, which I am finally posting. Jenny from Off On My Tangent sponsors a great writing challenge every Saturday morning. This week's challenge is to write something that is 60 words or less using the prompt Dear John.

Belatedly, here is my offering with the prompt in bold. If you have trouble reading this, ask a teenager to interpret, as I have written my story in text message format.

Me: sup, dude?

Him: nothin, just chillin at home.

Me: want to hang out?

Him: can’t.

Me: y not?

Him: sort of want to be alone.

Me: kk. how bout tomrow?

Him: idk if I can.

Me: hey, is somethin goin on here?

Him: no, yeah, kinda.

Me: like what?

Him: we need to take a break. It’s me, not u. I just don’t want to be with anyone right now.

Me: r u textin me a Dear John ltr?

Him: yeah, I guess so.

Oops! I sort of went over the word limit. If you don't count the "me" and "him", I'm only one word over. Anyway, please stop over at Jenny's by clicking above or on the logo below.

Jenny Matlock

Hope u r havin a gr8 week!


Dazee Dreamer said...

dumb idiot guy!!!! "it's not you, it's me". the ultimate excuse.

Great job.

jeff campbell said...

Very contemporary...well done...Peace and blessings

cj Schlottman said...

Very, very cool take on this prompt! Clever of you to make it a text. It's easier to break up when you don't have to look the other party in the eye! (Coward).
Great work!


Jeanie said...

E-mail break-ups are bad I guess texting is the way cowards do it. Good job telling the story.

Purvi said...

I really enjoyed ur post .. infact.. have experienced the same quite a number of times.. but the fact remains.. that with guys, its just a phase at times..they Do want taht time alone.. only that they dont know when to snap out of it :|

Nonna Beach said...

Perfectly fitted for the prompt and the 21st century...nicely done !!!

OMGosh, what kind of a stinker texts a "Dear John"?

Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living said...

I can tell you have teenagers.
Everything short and quick.

BECKY said...

Oh, this is great! Sad to say this probably WILL be the new "Dear John" letter....or as in this case, Dear Johnette!

Sue said...

ur centus is gr8


Jenny said...

LOL...ROFL...U R 2 GR8!

Great, great use of the prompt.

This is definitely the most clever one I've read!