Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Fragments - The Girls are Killing Me!

Ga Ga concert, summer of 2010.

It wasn't enough when the new car (one month old) was broken into because SOMEBODY parked on a side street and left their PURSES in view! Last weekend, my little princess was in a left turn lane waiting for traffic to pass so she could turn in to a local park, when SOMEBODY coming towards her was so blinded by her beauty that they SIDESWIPED the car, hitting the driver side mirror, which then was so brutally pushed into the driver's window and shattered into the lap of said princess! Two windows inside of six months....two expenses that were way less than the deductible!

It's been a little slice of heaven trying to finally get to my spring cleaning with three cherubims (18, 19, 23) sleeping in until noon, and the old "ball and chain" taking a hiatus from gainful employment while his ADD is in hyper speed....if my mother could only see me now, she'd be shaking her finger at me, I'm sure!

When stopping by my place of employment this week, I observed the construction (or destruction) of the ceiling squares so that the sprinkler system meets the code. Dust, shavings and clumps of ceiling all over the floors, my desk, and even the vault (where we keep all of the really important stuff)!

I missed the last launch of our space shuttle, but made it a point to watch the landing...the last landing...of 30 years! Yes, I wanted to be an astronaut when I was much younger...way before women were admitted to that boys' club. It could have happened! Now it seems like kids can only dream about it (unless they play a professional sport and get a ridiculous salary to pay whats-his-name to be a passenger on his shuttle). I hope not. I hope that another door is opened somewhere and we can put all our greatest science and math wizzes to work again!

I'm done. I hope you have a great weekend! Put the sheets in the freezer before you go to bed. It helps with falling asleep in this balmy weather that we are having!

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Jeanie said...

I sympathize with you about the girls and cars. I think I've told you before about how many of those calls I got from my kids about something happening to a car.
Like you, my son has had his eyes on the skies since he was a little he is lucky enough to be working on MAVEN, a mission to launch a satellite to orbit around Mars.

Stacy Lynn said... at your house sounds exactly like cleaning at my house. My princess sleeps half the day and the boyfriend comes and goes...and my husband who I swear has ADD will be taking vacation time starting some time next week. Our son and his family are coming to spend a few days next week, too. I will most likely be the one in the corner babbling incoherently to the dust bunnies. ;P

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Cleaning is so frustrating! The kids are always right behind me making messes, even though they know better.
My son is the one with the constant car issues - also frustrating!

Chris H said...

Kids and cars... oh how I can relate to that!
I dread Steve driving mine ... I hold my breath every time in case he wrecks it.

brainella said...

My big objective for yesterday was cleaning. It SORT of happened. Certain areas of our home are much more orderly than they were a few days ago. Others? Not-so-much...

Jenny said...

Hey, I might try putting my pillow in the freezer. Love the picture!