Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tomato Sandwich Thursday

Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday and my little entry for the letter "T!" Headmistresses Jenny Matlock, Off On My Tangent, assigns one letter of the alphabet each week. Our assignment is to write a story, poem, or other form of art using the letter of the week. Here is my assignment...just a little bit late!

Me: Hi Kate, how are you doing?

Kate: Fine, and you?

Me: Oh, I’m great! How about going out to lunch this Thursday?

Kate: Oh, I really don’t feel like going out. Why don’t you come here and we can have some soup and sandwiches?

Me: That sounds great! May I bring the soup?

Kate: No, don’t bother. I have a pantry full of soup. Just bring yourself and an empty stomach!

Me: Okay, I’ll see you about 11ish?

Kate: Sounds good, see you then!

I really didn’t want Kate to go to any trouble. When she has people over for a meal, she goes all out with sides and such, and then makes some totally yummy soup from scratch. When I make soup, I open the can and dump it into the saucepan. I also don’t like a lot of choices for a sandwich. Just give me tomato and cheese with a little mayo! I like to keep things simple.

Most of my life has become much simpler than it used to be. It’s just not worth it. All of the fuss and stress and having to remember EVERYTHING! Lordy! It seems I’m always forgetting something, but it all works out in the end. Life has been so enjoyable these last few years since I’ve made the change from “impressing others at all costs” to “if you don’t like it, make your own!” It took me a good 20 years to build up the nerve to say that to my kids! It worked, however, and now they eat what I make, or make their own!

I really like my life as it is now. Each day I make a short list of things I’d like to get done, and if I complete one item by dinner, it’s been a good day! I spent too much of my life trying to do it all, be it all, and show the world what a superwoman I was. Why in the world did I think that was important? I truly believe I did more damage than good by trying to appear how well I had it all together. Well, I never did have it all together, and it doesn’t bother me to admit it! I don’t look back on what “could have been”, just “how badly did I screw it up and can it be fixed without a therapist!”

I called Kate back and in my nicest and firmest voice, said to her, “Just make me a tomato sandwich on Thursday, okay?” Boy! Did that feel great to cross off my list!

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Jenny Matlock


Dazee Dreamer said...

There is nothing better than a tomato sandwich. And I really think it is cool that you have such a laid back attitude. More people need to be that way.

Jeanie said...

There is a valuable lesson in this story.....maybe there was a valuable lesson for Kate in the "tomato sandwich" call.

Stacy Lynn said...

A tomato sandwich sounds really good. Since it's raining and we aren't picnicing today (Labor Day) I just might have to have me one.

Kerri said...

Such wisdom (I have been working on this issue, too) - and I love tomato sandwiches!!

Visiting from alphabe-Thursday!

Jenny said...

Did she do it, though?

I hear you on letting go of stressors. After awhile, it's just not worth it!

Thanks for a terrific link this week! If you ever come to visit me I shall just give you a tomato sandwich! Deal?

Thanks for linking. This was terrific.


myorii said...

Great story and wonderful lesson! I know what you mean about trying to do it all and just be a superwoman but it's hard to accomplish. In the end, your efforts just go unnoticed and you become exhausted by everything. I'm glad that you got out of that way of thinking and that you're enjoying the life you have now :)

Tomato sandwich....definitely sounds interesting and very easy to make! :)