Thursday, March 8, 2012

P is for Pfftt!

Yeah, you heard me! Just say the letter "P" and blow out while your two front teeth lay on top of your bottom lip. It's an easy word...a lot easier than saying "oh, paleeeze!" It has been my mantra for the last few weeks. It helps relieve some of the stress that gets in while I am talking.

Why the stress? Well, can you say "PRINCESS" and "SLACKER" at the same time? These are the things that drive me to chocolate, sugar, or watching Breaking Dawnfor the 22nd time!

Princess "E" doesn't want to drive her car (with no air bags) when it is windy because it's hard to drive in a straight line; or if it's too cold, because the heater is 30 years old (VW Bus)and doesn't work so well. So, she begs, tearfully, to use my car (pretentious SUV - the one with butt warmers) claiming that she is just going to drive it to school and then will come straight home. You've heard that one before, haven't you?

Then, Princess "K" who drives a 40 year old (Karman Ghia)car (with no heat or air, and no air bags) who also wants the butt warmers, pleads as if her head is on the chopping block. "But mooooommmmmm! I can't drive with the top down because it really messes up my hair!" I guess she has a good point, as she is a stylist by trade.

Oh, Pfftt! I give in, and then stay home all the time because I'm scared silly to drive a 30 or 40 year old manual transmission auto! I must admit, I'm getting caught up on facebook, my blog reading, and can proudly say that I now play two-suits Spider Solitaire!

Let's not forget Slacker Mr. "T"! His big break is just around the corner. He produces Rap Battles at local venues, and even participates in some of them. Rap Battles are spontaneous insult debates in "Rap" form. He wears a mask most of the time which gives him an edge when rapping, by concealing laughter and drooling. I think the mask is hideous; he really is a handsome guy and loves his work, but like most everything else in the entertainment business that's fun, there's no money in it!

Then, there is Mr. "M", the (graphic designer)artiste! He works at home from his computer #1 while playing online war games on computer #2. He's one of the few men I know who can multi-task, and get it right! He's not a slacker, or a "prince", but it's hard to call him for dinner as I don't know which computer he is on (he hates to be interrupted if it's the war game!). Oh, pfftt!

I think I need a girl's weekend! Anyone game?

This letter "P" is brought to you by Jenny Matlock, Off On My Tangent! She is a delightful Headmistress of a well-to-do writing establishment. Please click on the logo below to read other "P" stories from some of my fellow classmates.

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Jenny Matlock


Karen S. said...

I felt like saying that quite a bit this morning...I had an early (before the world is up and off to work) appt... my tooth he filled still hurts...and as I left his office I kinda made that sound for a few hours! Great Pfftt..word! I happy you are taking some fun time to catch up on's good to make good out of bad situations right!

Jeanie said...

As cool as those old cars are I can understand wanting the one with the butt warmer sometimes.
It sounds like your princes and princesses have lots going on.

Annesphamily said...

I love old cars, Oh My Goodness, my friend had a Karman Ghia! We use to do donuts in it in the snow! But new ones have nice extras. They sure are not built to last though! :)

Jo said...

I'm too old for an old car ... i need the ease of young cars with heat and butt warmers and sound systems ... but there was a time, way back when, when an old classic suited me to a T

Mad Mind said...

I used to drive 30 and 40 year old cars. Oh yeah! That WAS 30 or 40 years ago. Of course, if you aren't paying for them, you shouldn't be picky right?

Mad Mind said...

I used to drive 30 and 40 year old cars. Oh yeah! That WAS 30 or 40 years ago. Of course, if you aren't paying for them, you shouldn't be picky right?

Cathy Kennedy said...

An interesting choice of words, Pfftt. I must remember this, but in case I don't I'm sure any number of other words will roll of my lips just fine and help relieve some of the stress. Linking up via Alphabe-Thursday!

Sue said...

That Vdub bus brings back a few memories!


Judie said...

Hahahaha! It used to snow inside my VW in Chicago in the winter!! Brrrr! Such bad heaters in the older ones!!

anitamombanita said...

ditto to sue's comment! :)

Jenny said...

Love these cool old cars!

What a particularly fun link to the letter 'P'.

Still giggling over the seat butt warmers! My husbands car has those and they always make me feel like I wet myself.




Thanks for the smile and linking this up!