Sunday, May 18, 2014

Finding In-N-Out In The Midwest!

This SoCal girl loves her In-N-Out Burger!  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has been able to come even close to the I'm-so-happy-feeling that I get EVERY TIME I eat at In-N-Out!  Since moving to the Midwest 20 years ago, I've only been able to enjoy my favorite burger a handful of times when I was either in California or Las Vegas! I've sent emails to I-N-O begging them to open a franchise close to where I live. I know, I's not all about's just business.  I get it!

Well, if there is anyone out there who shares my opinion and joy of the best burgers in the world, I want you to know about Van's Frozen Custard and Burgers in East Dundee, IL.  Click here if you want to drool voraciously and learn more about them! My Mother's Day gift was to have lunch at Van's (upon the recommendation of another happy I-N-O customer).  It was the best Mom's Day gift ever...except for the days that my darlings made me breakfast in bed!

Van's is a family owned and independent business started in 2007 by Chad Van Acker and his parents.  Visit their website to get a glimpse of their mouth-watering menu (click the link in bold above). It's an eatery that offers treat of frozen custard (ice cream to most of us...but better!) or a meal that includes all of the food groups!

I was warmly welcomed by both Nancy and Rick (Chad's parents) and made to feel comfortable immediately.  They are close to my age, which always gives me a good feeling to see my peers in a successful business.  The building is located on a corner in the downtown area of East Dundee, a place that still has a "small town" feeling. The decor is casual and very family-oriented.  As my hubs and I savored every morsel of our burgers and fries, we watched as other families came in to the restaurant, all with smiles on their faces.  I figured they were repeat customers and knew exactly what they wanted.  Nobody left without ear-to-ear smiles on their faces!

So, the verdict...I give Van's a 20 out of 10 licks for making this Cali girl smile, knowing she'll "be back" for more!  Thank you, Van's!!  See you soon!

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Unknown Mami


betty said...

Van's looks absolutely delicious; it is probably a good thing there is not one located here :) Sounded like a very enjoyable time for you all!

Love In-N-Out too; funny, we haven't been there in a few years though; must put it on our list of things to do soon.

Thanks for sharing this; yum!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

If I knew that you lived near Chicago, I'd forgotten it. I'm your "neighbor" down here in the south central part of the state.

Linda O'Connell said...

I wish I lived closer. That burger looks like one of Guy's Burgers we devoured on our cruise. A true delight!

Pearl said...

Oh, I should never have come here on an empty stomach!

Greetings from Minneapolis!


Weekend-Windup said...

The burger looks very big!

Unknown Mami said...

Oh, I am so happy. As a fellow former SoCal resident, I share your love of In N Out and when they opened one close to me, I was as happy as a little girl.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"No Excuses - Musings of a Procrastinator" has been included in Sites To See #373. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

Lady Lilith said...

Looks like fun. The next time I am in town, this looks like the place to go.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I hear you about In 'N' Our Burgers. I live in LA and have to be sure not to drive past one too often or I'd be the size of a house.

When I go back to Ohio I hunt down a Chick fil A which we don't have here. Love that place.

I'll look for a Vans to see if they have 'em in Ohio. It looks fabulous!

Michelle ~ said...

Helloooooooo darlin' Girlfriend. I gotta tell you … YOU are in my heart!! What's going on with you? I do need some professional advice from you too! Wanting to re-do and re-vamp my blog etc. And knew you were the brain I needed to pick!! Love to you