Friday, May 16, 2014

Frags, Anyone?

Well, howdy doody all!  Hope your week has been filled with challenge, excitement, drama and maybe even something fun for someone in your life!

You know that saying, "God never gives you more than you can handle?"  Ahem....well, my "handle" bar was lifted when I wasn't looking!  I thought I would collapse from stress overload, but I didn't.  I'm alive today to tell about how the guy upstairs continues to come through for me...time after time!

A few weekends ago, I was packing up what was left (after purging, selling or otherwise disposing) of 35 years of stuff to be moved to a 10'x20' shared garage close to my current dream home (a one-bedroom apartment). After trekking 300 miles south, we loaded the truck, kissed the house goodbye and trekked back to the dream house...all within 24 hours. Two days later, we received closing documents, got them notarized and over-nighted back (not without a hiccup) and closed the deal completely. The following day, the front porch balcony of the dream home was to be torn down and rebuilt, so we moved food and clothes for 10 days to another dream home about a football field away.  I'm grateful the dog continued to relieve herself outside and not in the new dream house.

The new balcony is almost finished, we no longer have a mortgage payment, and our adventure in paradise begins with no ties to the "old world", except for my four little darlings...who live 300 miles away...who can no longer "pop" in when they are in the neighborhood.  I am breathing again...I'm walking on sunshine...and it feels good! 

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P.S.:  I LOVE and desperately miss my darlings! 


Karen S. said...

Wow, lots of changes! Major changes at that! Once the dust settles and things get back to a norm life will be wonderful it sounds like, with less overhead to worry about!

Jeanie said...

Aww, at least you have sweet Tootsie with you through all the changes. I love that you still have such a positive attitude after all you have been through....or maybe it is the positive attitude that got you through it all.

carol l mckenna said...

Love your dog photos and wishing you well in your moving ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Sounds like that went well! The puppy is so cute.

betty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (a bench with a view)and your comment; thankfully it is cooler today :)

I admire you for doing what you did, even if it made you be further away from family, but to be debt free is a good thing and to simplify is a good thing too. Currently living in my hubby's parents' home (they have both passed but when we first moved in they were still alive, in assisted living). They hadn't gotten rid of anything, literally, so we had a lot of purging to do (still to this date 3 years later its not done), so I truly admire those who realize it might be good to simplify and downsize. I think it will be all worthwhile for you in the long run and 300 miles is far, but isn't too far to get to see your family when you can!

We've moved a lot over the years and the first thing I would do when we got Koda to the new place we would be living is have him go outside and take care of his business. He seemed to learn real quick and never had accidents; they are adaptable I think (sometimes better than us :)


Kim said...

Ahh, an adventure! I've lived here six years (the longest I've lived anywhere since the 80s), and I have wanderlust.

For two decades, I didn't Spring clean - I moved. it's a great way to purge what you no longer need/want.

Weekend-Windup said...

Good pose given by him!