Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Any Other Day

For many, today is just another day. But, if you have a birthday, annniversary or some other special event that is celebrated on September 11th, you will be affected...forever. Maybe this a good thing. There are some things that we should always remember so that history will not repeat itself. Sometimes having a personal event and an historical event that share the same date can be a very special thing. I share one of those events with today's date, and so I try to find something positive to see me through the day. Chocolate helps....a lot!

My 25th wedding anniversary was 9/11/01. We decided not to celebrate that year. A sort of eerie thing happened. The day before, my husband ordered flowers to be delivered to the house. They arrived on the afternoon of the 11th. They were beautiful greens and white Lilys. Of all the flowers in the book, he ordered Lilys. Maybe it was a God thing. When the arrangement finally passed on, I replaced it with plastic and dried flowers. Every year I add another flower and/or green. I now have this beautiful arrangement of Lilys, roses, mums, etc., any flower that comes in white. And, of course, lots of green, leafy stuff.

I remember planning a big party for my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. My party can wait. If we make it to 40 years, then I will rent a cruise ship. Would you like to join us?

Thanks, and God Bless!

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