Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nuts About the Kid!

Hero arrived yesterday for a visit. He lives about 3 hours away in a cute little college town. I was so happy to see him; it was all I could do to stop myself from squeezing him to death! I get to see him about every three to six months. He just graduated from college and is starting the job-hunting, when-do-I-have-to-start-repaying-my-student-loans phone calls, and trying to figure out how many jobs he has to get to survive on his own. His Wonder Woman is still in school, so he does not want to move back home (there are other reasons why he doesn't want to come back..it can't be me...maybe it's because Edwina has taken over his room and completely covered the walls with posters, and thrown all her girly stuff about the room.)

Many of us moms will make all kinds of mistakes on No. 1, but I think my guy turned out okay. I'm glad sometimes that my memory is bad; I shudder at some of stupid things I did when he was little. For being my "practice kid" he is one awesome Hero. I'd love to hear some of your parenting memories with your first child.

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Anonymous said...

I like the expression "practice kid." Yesterday I compared my daughter to her friends and I SOOO wish I hadn't done that. She needs guidance sometimes, but I don't want her thinking she's less than her friends -- she's awesome! That's just one mistake I can think of -- so sure there's lots more.

Rick said...

I miss the two of my three that have grown up and gone away. Fortunatel, I get to see them in less than a week.

Lucy Edson said...

Well, I am on my 'practice' kid, too - she is 3 and going through the 'i think i am so smart' phase. How long does this last? lol

Thanks for visiting my blog! :) As you can tell I am a fairy lover, too. She really thinks she is a fairy most days. :)