Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monkey Business

So, it's getting close to the end of the school year, and the kids are behaving in a shark frenzy sort of way. They are so ready for summer! Little do they know, that the teachers and staff are just as ready for summer to begin! I just want the nightmare to be over!!!

It is quite entertaining to just stand back and watch these pre-pubescent monkeys go at it. First, it's a battle of wits, then, the happy slap on the back, and finally, a knock-down, drag-out, mano a mano display of affection. Do ya think we could try to have a "happy to be me" attitude for just a few more weeks? I speak for myself, of course.

Just when you think you can see the light... life throws a new hitch into things. Good kids make stupid choices, bad kids make even more stupid choices, and the adults just shake their heads while they dream of happy hour at Chevy's. Also, this "raining every day" thing is adding tremendously to all of the smiles. Where is Glinda? I just want to go home and see my Auntie Em!

Thank goodness everyone is using up their field trip miles now. It makes for a really quiet atmosphere during the day for those of us left behind. I'm sure the monkeys enjoy getting out of their cages for a few hours, as well. I find it amusing that the staff has put up a counter for days left in the school year. It will be fun to sing along with the traditional "School's Out" song during the last few minutes of the last day. Our teachers like to line up as the buses are leaving and "do the wave" for the monkeys!

The whiteboard calendar for May has been completed. There are four concerts, one three-day camp, a mixer with a rockin' DJ, Bosses Day, May Birthday celebration, three visits by incoming 6th graders, Variety show rehearsals, the Choir's New York trip rehearsals, Yearbook signing party, the Band's Kansas City trip, the Variety Show, breakfast for outgoing 8th graders, dance for outgoing 8th graders, the Choir's New York Trip, Nurses Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, End of Year Evaluations (I sure hope I still have a job next year) and the annual "Sideways" Trip for the Weary, to a local vineyard or two.

I love my job!


Chris H said...

YOu are nuts ... loving your job!

I wouldn't like to be around kids all day.. no way.


Coffee Bean said...

Oh my Lord... I need a nap after a look at that May schedule of yours. YIKES! I'd be taking a side trip to the vineyard on the weekends!

Natalie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I can't wait to read more of made me laugh out loud. I'm a former 5th grade teacher, currently teaching preschool. End of the year craziness....I'll be thinking of you! ;)